While the Biden administration has been able to ignore the ongoing Southern border issue over the last two years, they are now forced to acknowledge the problem. Not only did Republican Governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis send thousands of migrants to northern states, but the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was unlawful due to former President Barack Obama not having the approved authority to put it in place. Just the latest obstacle placed in front of Joe Biden and his administration, the Democrat lashed out at the ruling by blaming MAGA Republicans for spreading their “extreme agenda”.

Releasing a statement on the ruling, Joe Biden said, “I am disappointed in today’s Fifth Circuit decision holding that DACA is unlawful. The court’s stay provides a temporary reprieve for DACA recipients but one thing remains clear: the lives of Dreamers remain in limbo. Today’s decision is the result of continued efforts by Republican state officials to strip DACA recipients of the protections and work authorization that many have now held for over a decade. And while we will use the tools we have to allow Dreamers to live and work in the only country they know as home, it is long past time for Congress to pass permanent protections for Dreamers, including a pathway to citizenship.”

As mentioned above, Joe Biden was sure to blame MAGA Republicans for the ruling, adding, “My Administration is committed to defending Dreamers against attacks from Republican officials in Texas and other states. This challenge to DACA is just another example of the extreme agenda being pushed by MAGA-Republican officials.”

Both DACA and the DREAM Act were brainchildren of the Democratic party as the program protected over 600,000 migrants who were brought into the United States as children. While put in place by Barack Obama, in June 2017, former President Donald Trump rescinded the program. Eventually, the Biden administration revised the program in August, stopping the deportation of hundreds of thousands of migrants. With the ruling made, no new applications can be submitted to the program until reviewed by another judge.

Joe Biden wasn’t the only one upset over the ruling, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shared his disdain, claiming DACA “has prevented the cruel and unfair deportation of thousands of people who’ve only known America as their home and contribute greatly to our economic prosperity. While this ruling keeps the existing DACA program in place, it continues to deny other eligible recipients the possibility to receive protection.”

The Democrat pleaded, “For these reasons, it is time for Republicans to join Democrats in supporting legislation that will codify these life-saving protections and ensure Dreamers have the opportunity to finally receive the citizenship they’ve worked hard to earn.”