Places in Illinois, like Chicago, might be dealing with a massive increase in violence and crime as Mayor Lori Lightfoot struggles to contain the problem, but for the Moshi family, tragedy didn’t come from the hands of another person. Just like any other day, 17-year-old Daniel Moshi prepared for yet another day at school and practiced his solo for an upcoming choir event at the school. He hoped to one day attend college and eventually make his way to Broadway. But sadly, his time was cut short when he collapsed on Friday at Naperville North High School. Although first responders arrived to bystanders performing CPR on Daniel, he was later pronounced dead at the Edwards Medical Center.

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Still trying to make sense of the entire situation, Daniel’s father, Loden Moshi, said, “I got the call from his teacher, musical teacher. And she said there’s an incident. He was singing his solo rehearsal, and he collapsed. And now they’ve given him CPR and taken him to one hospital.”

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Daniel’s mother, Karolin Moshi, recalled how the day seemed as normal as any other. “I stopped by Starbucks right over here, where he grabbed his macchiato drink and his sandwich. I dropped him off. And he was waiting for his teacher to come, you know, come up and pick him up with his other students that were attending this choir show.” She added, “We came home Saturday morning, I received a call from the DuPage coroner’s office, and she said, ‘Miss Moshi, I’m reaching out to you to let you know that there was nothing wrong with your son. His organs were all healthy, his heart – absolutely nothing wrong with him.'”

Speaking with the local news, the Moshi family all wore Daniel’s favorite color, blue, as his younger sister Dayna said, “He was amazing. And I feel like people should know that more…If people have siblings, you need to have fun with them. Because if one of them goes away, you feel alone.”

Continuing with her thoughts, Karolin Moshi admitted, “It’s hard. It’s not easy. You can see my eyes. I’ve been crying. I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept since Friday. But it’s… I don’t know how to explain it… we believe what we believe in. The Lord is keeping us going. It’s not easy. We were supposed to buy him a car. We’re actually doing his funeral. It’s not easy. It’s not easy for any parent to go through this because we still don’t have answers.”

While a senior at Leyden High School in Franklin Park, the school shared its condolences for losing a student and friend. “This loss impacts our entire…community. Our students and staff are grieving, and our focus is on their well-being. We encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to a trusted adult, and our Student Services department is available to provide support. We are also asking everyone to look after each other during this difficult time.”