Over the last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines when he decided to make the Democrats and Biden administration address the ongoing issues at the Southern border. Since Joe Biden entered the White House, the border has witnessed millions of migrants try to cross illegally. While the Democrats are now claiming the GOP created the border crisis, many Republicans fear about the migrants who are not being detained at the border. With accusations of criminals using the weak border to their advantage, it should come as no surprise that over the weekend, 36-year-old Alberto Santacruz shot five people at a birthday party before being detained. And as some might have already thought, he had been previously deported a staggering four times. But that is just the start.

Celebrating a 50th birthday party on Sunday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said around 100 people were partying when Alberto Santacruz got into a heated argument with another guest. As the tension grew, Santacruz eventually pulled a gun on the victim and shot him in the leg. Quickly running away, other partygoers chased after Santacruz, but when they got close to him, he opened fire again, shooting four more. Still, the people continued to chase, tackling, and subduing him until the police arrived.

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After being taken to the police station, the officer noted that Santacruz was uncooperative with them and even handed over an identification card supposedly given to him in Mexico. An investigation found the card to be fraudulent, and it was only then that his true identity was known.

As for what chargers are being brought against Alberto Santacruz:

Two charges of discharging a gun
Five charges of battery
five charges of attempted murder
A prohibited person owning a gun

Of the victims, all five were transported to the University Medical Center, where two were admitted due to receiving life-threatening injuries to the chest and back. As mentioned above, this wasn’t Alberto Santacruz’s first time breaking the law or threatening another person’s life. According to court records, “In 2006, Santacruz was part of a group that kidnapped a man from his home and threatened to kill him over the theft of $50,000 worth of methamphetamine. The group of men then brought the victim to an apartment, where he and another man had their hands bound, and their heads dunked underwater in a bathtub.”

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While an investigation into the incident is still ongoing, there are more than enough witnesses collaborating their stories that Alberto Santacruz was the one who initiated the confrontation before pulling his weapon and shooting five people. He is currently waiting to be seen by a judge. Until that time, he is being held without bail.