The city of Tacoma, Washington, turned into a scene of chaos as Peter Tyler Collins decided to open fire on local police officers who were trying to question him about a domestic violence report made by his nephew. The entire ordeal lasted for 16 minutes which involved the suspect shooting at officers. The shootout ultimately ended with Tacoma Police Department Officer Christopher Munn shooting a single round from 549 feet away, killing the suspect. Although the incident happened back on August 28th, the Pierce County Force Investigation Team recently released Munn’s bodycam footage, showing the moment leading up to him discharging his service rifle.

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In the video, which can be watched below, Christopher Munn can be heard firing numerous rounds at the police. Their first interaction with Collins came after his nephew accused him of assault. According to the victim, while Collins didn’t use a weapon on them, he had several firearms in his possession and wasn’t afraid of the police. Trying to arrest Collins for fourth-degree domestic violence assault, the police found him to be hostile as he yelled obscenities at them before disappearing into his house. He soon returned and grabbed something from his car. That is when the situation turned deadly.

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The Pierce County Force Investigation Team wrote in a press release, “Officers arrived at 2:20 PM, and they contacted the assault victim. At 2:46 PM, officers advised that they had probable cause for a 4th-degree DV assault. Communication was attempted with the assault suspect, but he was not cooperative. At 2:57 PM, officers advised over the air, ‘shots fired… he’s actively shooting at us. This went on for several minutes, and at 3:01 PM, an officer stated the assault suspect was ‘firing on Madison…he keeps firing’ and ‘he reloaded.’ Less than a minute later, an officer stated, ‘shots fired, suspect down.’ At 3:08 PM, officers were able to safely approach with medical personnel and found the assault suspect deceased. The deceased is an adult male. More specific identification will need to be made by the medical examiner’s office.”

After Collins was deemed not a threat, the officer approached to find him on the ground with a firearm nearby. Although the medical personnel administered life-saving treatment to the suspect, they eventually declared him dead on the scene. After investigating the shooting, detectives noted that Collins was wounded twice during the altercation. But only one of the wounds came from Munn, the other came from Collins himself. The Pierce County medical examiner noted that the cause of death was due to the rifle used by Christopher Munn. “The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the identity and the cause and manner of death of the man who died as the result of this incident.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 29, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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