Although the Democrats fight for stricter gun laws, claiming it would make the country safer, their numerous strongholds around the United States have seen a drastic rise in crime. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom struggles to stop crime and violence from spreading throughout the state. And in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a high school football team found themselves the targets of a drive-by shooting when they left Roxborough High School. Sadly, during the gunfire, four teenagers were wounded, with one dying.

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The suspects behind the shooting apparently used a Ford Explorer to flee the scene as they riddled the team with bullets. Through the dozens of bullets shot at the students, witnesses were able to see two individuals inside the vehicle as they drove off. According to the local news, three of the players were transported to the nearby hospital to be treated, while another one was evaluated with a graze wound at the scene.

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Speaking with police, WCAU-TV reported, “It happened on the 300 block of Fairway Terrace, behind Roxborough High School, around 4:41 p.m., police said. Another scene was in the parking lot of the school. According to Philadelphia police, a light green Ford Explorer drove up, and people inside fired multiple times, then took off westbound on Fairway Terrace.”

The outlet added, “SkyForce10 was overhead as one of the victims was placed into the back of a police car and rushed away from the school parking lot. Blood could be seen nearby. Investigators marked several bullet casings in chalk along Pechin Street near Fairway Terrace, which is behind the high school.”

With crime in the area increasing, Governor Tom Wolf announced $100 million in funding to help stop gun violence. He stated at the time, “Reducing gun violence has to be a top priority for all of us. It is for me. Our children deserve safety. These moneys are not going to somebody out there who is studying sort of the abstract, academic issues. These are folks working on the ground in the communities that know exactly what is going on. They can support a wide range of programs to address community violence.”

The governor also set aside another $45 million to help build state parks, but users online criticized it, writing, “I lived in Roxborough for a couple of years. Previously lived in West Philly for two years. I got the heck outta that sheithole in 1984 and will never ever go back. Sometimes I have to work in the Folcroft area. Night shift. Ugh. I go. Work. Get out as fast as I can.”

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Another person insisted, “Democrat Cities are infested with violent criminals. This is not a gun problem. They have a severe problem within their culture. Entitlements destroy independence, respect, honesty, and empathy. Dependence breeds multi-generation recipients that are not educated on how to live in a civil culture. Democrat leaders use them for power, their votes, and their uncivil behavior.”