Due to the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Joe Biden has discussed his thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a dictator and butcher. That is on top of the Biden administration sending billions of dollars in aid to help the military fight off the Russian invasion. If that wasn’t enough, Biden recently targeted China when he was asked if he would send troops to Taiwan if invaded. The Democrat didn’t hesitate to say yes. Even when he was asked again, Biden reiterated his strong alliance with Taiwan. Now, a U.S. Coast Guard ship spotted four Russian warships off the coast of Alaska. And if that wasn’t enough, they were accompanied by three Chinese naval ships, including a missile cruiser.

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After the ships were spotted, speculation started to circulate about their intentions. Rear Admiral Nathan Moore of the Seventeenth Coast Guard District released a statement reading, “While the formation has operated in accordance with international rules and norms, we will meet presence with presence to ensure there are no disruptions to US interests in the maritime environment around Alaska.”

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It should be noted that the words from Rear Admiral Moore are not his own, as the Operation Frontier Sentinel guidelines state that any sign of presence in the area will be met with exactly that.

Just one month ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned about both Russia operating in the arctic. The secretary explained how Russia has been working steadily to build up its presence in the Arctic. According to him, Russia already has hundreds of military sites in the area with underground bunkers and even an airfield. Stoltenberg added, “Beijing and Moscow have also pledged to intensify practical cooperation in the Arctic. This forms part of a deepening strategic partnership that challenges our values and interests.” He also noted that China declared itself a “near Artic state,” suggesting they would build the world’s largest icebreaker.

While tensions between the United States, Russia, and China might be growing, this isn’t the first time the Coast Guard has encountered their warships. Back in September of 2021, Coast Guard ships encountered numerous Chinese ships in the Bering Sea. At the time, they were about 50 miles from the Aleutian Islands.

As citizens learned about the ships, users online shared their take, blaming it on the Biden administration and Joe Biden’s weak leadership. “America is weak under this administration with open borders food shortages, the anti-oil /coal/gas/natural gas and pro-criminal policies.”

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Other comments included:

  • “They turned around and ran when they heard about our new maternity flight suits and free gender reassignment surgeries for our soldiers….”
  • “Why is it ok for America to harass and sail near other countries but not ok for Russia and China to do it?”