DEARBORN, MI – Earlier in September, hundreds of parents in Dearborn, Michigan, gathered to speak out against public schools carrying sexually explicit books in their libraries. The diverse crowd of concerned parents consisted of Muslims, Christians, and Jews who have collectively had enough of the sexualization of their children in public schools.

There has been a growing concern over the past couple of years across the country regarding the inclusion of sexually explicit books in public school libraries and, at times, even being introduced in curriculums by rogue educators.

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Numerous reports have cropped up where parents have been speaking out against what many have described as pornographic materials being made available to minors in public schools, where the consistent call to action from these sorts of parents have been to simply keep these materials out of the school libraries and classrooms.

It was these sorts of concerns that resulted in a rally held outside of the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn on September 25th, with organizers dubbing the event “Rally to Protect Our Children.”

Local reports noted that prior to the rally held by parents opposing the inclusion of sexually explicit books and materials in school libraries and classrooms, there was apparently a smaller rally of folks (mostly consisting of pro-LGBT individuals) advocating for these sexually explicit books.

However, speakers at the rally opposing these obscene materials were unmoved by the attempts to justify said books being made available to minors in public schools. Stephanie Butler, who was reportedly one of the organizers of the rally, told the crowd at one point, “We will not stand for it in Dearborn anymore. These people want to sexualize our kids…We can’t have Bibles. We can’t have Qurans, but we can have smut.”

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One of the women from the local Muslim community spoke out against these pornographic materials seeping into the public schools, telling the crowd, “We have people in positions of power – teachers and administrators – more focused on a woke ideology.”

Another speaker at the event said from the stage, “There’s a book, there’s a book that was banned, that was called ‘This Book is Gay,’ and I tell you if the was the book was called, ‘This Book is Straight,’ we’re still gonna go after it because it’s teaching kids how to go online and have sexual intercourse with others on the internet! This is wrong! We should not expose kids to sexually explicit material.”

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The same speaker who made mention of the “This Book is Gay” book spoke with local reporters afterward, emphasizing the purpose of the rally.

“So we’re here today just to make sure our voices are heard so Dearborn Public Schools knows that the parents are in charge of the children. And we should be respected. And what we want for our children is granted. For the Dearborn Schoolboard, we’re not here to work against them  – we’re here to work with them to make sure they protect out children and they give them an atmosphere to build a strong and healthy mind. To keep all sexually explicit material and content out of public schools, that’s all it is.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on September 28, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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