The backlash from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade continues to be a hot topic among both Republicans and Democrats. Recently, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham announced a federal legislative proposal that would ultimately ban abortion after 15 weeks. With the 2022 midterms right around the corner, the Democrats have constantly criticized the GOP for its stance on abortion and for making it a state issue. Not backing down from his new proposal, Graham declared, “I’m pro-life, even in an election year. And to those who suggest being pro-life is losing politics, I reject that.”

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In the video, which can be watched below, Fox News host Shannon Bream discussed the legislation proposal with Lindsey Graham himself. The host pointed out that the Senator was suggesting a ban on abortion past 15 weeks. There were a few exceptions when it came to incest, rape, and if the life of the mother was at risk. The Senator said, “Only in Washington is it extreme to protect the baby at 15 weeks from an excruciating death. [The] only thing I got going for me is every pro-life group in America and about 70 percent of the American people. So I don’t apologize for being pro-life. I think the pro-life movement has found a position that most Americans will agree upon.”

Having an entirely different take back in June when he said, “there is nothing in the constitution that creates the right to abortion as a Constitution principle,” Shannon Bream made sure that Lindsey Graham had a chance to explain himself. The Senator surprisingly defended his statements, saying, “For 20 years, I’ve been supporting federal legislation banning late-term abortion. Here’s what Dobbs says elected officials can make the decisions state or federal. I’m not inconsistent. In 2020, I had a bill on the floor of the United States Senate right across the Capitol that banned abortion at 20 weeks because the baby can feel pain…To suggest that I’m new to the game, opposing late-term abortion is ridiculous.”

Lindsey Graham continued, admitting, “I will not sit on the sidelines and watch this nation become China when it comes to aborting babies up to the moment of birth. I reject that. I will continue to introduce legislation at the national level setting a minimum standard at 15 weeks no abortion except for saving the life of the mother, rape, [and] incest.”

Although Senator Lindsey Graham might be defending pro-life, users online questioned his motives as abortion is a main topic in the 2022 midterms. One user claimed he was helping to sabotage the GOP. “I’m totally pro-life from the time of conception, and I believe abortion should go back to the states. Lindsey Graham doesn’t want the Republicans to win! He’s trying to sabotage the MAGA party from winning.”