Throughout the 2020 election, the Democrats often praised the liberal activists who supported them as being peaceful and respectful to those around them. They portrayed them as being on the right side of history, welcoming people who stood against former President Donald Trump and the supposed hordes of white supremacists who followed him. The only problem, groups like Black Lives Matter decided to loot, raid, and burn cities as they clashed with law enforcement over police brutality. But again, both Black Lives Matter and liberal activists are peaceful, and the protesters on January 6th are domestic terrorists alongside concerned parents. While that might be the narrative, time and time again, activists show just how accepting they are.

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On Tuesday, Benny Johnson, a former employee at the Daily Caller, held a seminar at a Turning Point USA event about the ongoing “Meme Wars.” While addressing the crowd, Johnson showcased a meme featuring Kamala Harris walking out of her home as a mariachi band and singer played around her. Although not made by him and obviously pointing the issues at the Southern border, one individual grew irate over the imagery and decided to destroy the projector showing the image. In the video below, a man viciously attacks the projector, yelling, “Racist ass sh*t, f*ck you! I swear to f*cking God.”

Describing the altercation as the “first meme-attack-arrest in America,” Johnson noted that the person was eventually arrested. He tweeted, “This violent, meme-hating lib was ARRESTED for attacking the meme presentation I was going. To my knowledge, this was the first meme attack arrest in American history. Thank you, Iowa City Police, for protecting the memes!”

Johnson didn’t stop there, adding, “We often say THE LEFT CAN’T MEME. Tonight, we proved it. I was giving a peaceful speech to the University of Iowa Turning Point USA chapter about memes this evening. During our presentation, we played a harmless meme of Kamala Harris welcoming a bus full of migrants, set to tasteful mariachi music. That is when a low-T leftist strung-out on pure soy snapped into a violent rage. I watched dispassionately as the lib’s last drop of testosterone evaporated in an unprovoked kick-attack on an innocent projector.”

Continuing his statement, Johnson told the Post Millennial, “Thankfully, no one was hurt by the domestic terrorist attack other than an innocent Panasonic Projector. The perpetrator was arrested soon after and booked for a hate crime against memes. Our hearts go out to the brave Iowa City Police department. Fund The Police. Let this moment serve as a poignant metaphor for what happens to meme-makers across social media when their accounts get attacked. As someone who lived through January 6th, I can tell you this attack was much scarier and represents a larger existential threat to our Democracy. The 1st Amendment is under attack constantly from the Left. It survived – this time. The Left Can’t Meme.”