Following parents concerned about what was being taught to their children while in school, the Biden administration suggested that they were nothing more than domestic terrorists. Parents all over the country have criticized Democrats when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation being taught in schools. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom recently declared the state to be a safe haven for children looking to transition. Showing how important the transgender movement is, female volleyball players at the Randolph High School in Burlington, Vermont, voiced their concern after a biological man, who identified as a woman, made some unsavory comments in the changing room.

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Although the students don’t necessarily feel comfortable changing in front of a biological male, an email was sent out to parents, explaining there was “plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.” According to the Vermont State Board of Education, there isn’t much they can do to make females like Blake Allen feel comfortable when changing. Allen expressed her disbelief, noting that her mother supported her standing up for wanting nothing more than to feel safe and comfortable.

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Blake Allen didn’t shy away from the agenda, declaring, “They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable — so pretty much ten girls — to get changed in a single stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time.”

According to the board’s policy on the matter, “The use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider numerous factors, including, but not limited to: the transgender student’s preference; protecting student privacy; maximizing social integration of the transgender student; minimizing stigmatization of the student; ensuring equal opportunity to participate; the student’s age; and protecting the safety of the students involved. A transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

While states continue to debate the issue, Roger Brooks, who is a senior member of the Alliance Defending Freedom, admitted that the matter will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court. “I think the answer to that is ‘yes.’ The law is not fast, but within the next couple of years, we’ll see a case about this issue in front of the Supreme Court.”

As for the new law in California, Governor Gavin Newsom noted, “In California, we believe in equality and acceptance. We believe that no one should be prosecuted or persecuted for getting the care they need — including gender-affirming care. Parents know what’s best for their kids, and they should be able to make decisions around the health of their children without fear. We must take a stand for parental choice. That is precisely why I am signing Senate Bill 107.”

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 30, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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