Hoping to restore law and order to communities all around the country, police departments have increased their efforts to stop criminal activity and drug rings from embedding themselves into society. Recently, police in Dale City, Virginia, released Ring camera footage showing officers clashing with drug dealers after they robbed an undercover agent who was taking part in a sting operation in Prince William County. Although the criminals made the arrangements without knowing they were talking to the police, when they met to exchange large amounts of fentanyl and guns, they decided to go ahead and rob the officer, leading to 19-year-old Jaiden Malik Carter being shot. 

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The footage showing the entire altercation and how the criminals tried to get away can be watched below. Meeting at Fox Glove Court in Dale City on September 1, the three suspects casually met with the undercover cop, hoping to make a quick score. After speaking with Jalil Michael Turner, the man exited the car only to return with Carter. At the time, Carter sat behind the undercover cop, giving the criminal an advantage when Turner pulled a gun on the officer, robbing him. A third man, identified as Shane Dareon Pollard, waited in another vehicle as Carter and Turner stole several items from the officer. 

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Eventually ending the altercation, Carter and Turner returned to their car, hoping to make a quick getaway. But their route was blocked by several police vehicles rushing to the scene. With a minivan in their way, the suspects opened fire on the police. During the exchange, both Pollard and Carter were shot. Prince William County police said in a statement, “These events led up to the exchange of gunfire with police, which continues to be [investigated by] the Critical Incident Response Team.”

Turner eventually listened to the commands of the police, allowing himself to be taken into custody. As for Pollard and Carter, they were also taken into custody but transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the hospital, Carter eventually passed away. 

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With the incident under official review, the police department has been silent on the possession of any body-cam footage of the shooting. The Arlington County Police Department did reveal that a total of four detectives opened fire during the altercation. All four of them have been placed on paid administrative leave. This is not a disciplinary action but protocol when any officer is involved in a shooting. 

Family members of Jaiden Malik Carter suggested that the 19-year-old was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed as a result. The family is expected to protest the police department and how they handled the situation. No members of the drug task force were shot or injured during the altercation.