While Americans have dealt with inflation, a crumbling Southern border, and gas prices, the Democrats and Biden administration have spent the last two years focusing on former President Donald Trump, the Capitol Hill riot, and how the GOP is overrun with MAGA extremists. Although the Democrats have hounded Trump and the Republican party, it seems that many Americans are turning away from the blame game as the Democrats are struggling to maintain control heading into the 2022 midterm elections. Knowing that the GOP could take control of Washington, D.C., Republican Congressman Paul Gosar recently spoke with The Gateway Pundit about what might happen if they win in November.

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Giving a glimpse into what the Republicans might do in November if they win, Paul Gosar admitted, “We put out some tenants that are safe for the environment, the economy, getting immigration under control, and safety. That’s the four tenants that we’re trying to really get people to know that we’re going to be different than the Democrats. I mean, inflation is running rampant. You’re seeing people spend money to have higher crimes to pay more for things. And they have shortages of them, and they’re not safe, and we have an open border.”

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When asked if the GOP would ever investigate the January 6th riot themselves, Paul Gosar added, “We actually did Ray Epps, and it turned into field day. And basically, the Democrats are actually supporting and defending Ray Epps, if you can believe that. We owe it to those men and women that are held behind from J6.”

Looking that the Southern border and how Kari Lake declared she would announce an invasion if she becomes Governor of Arizona, Gosar noted, “We had basically operational control of the whole border, or we had a trickle of people coming in under Donald Trump. And this administration is wide open. In fact, just this month alone, over 78 people, terrorists, have been found crossing the border. Now, think if you caught every one of every two, and probably one of every five, think of how many terrorist cells are in this country, and now you’re going to compound the problem with fentanyl, now with another drug coming out in the marketplace that’s now ten times more potent than fentanyl; it’s just starting to show up across the country and on our border.”

Paul Gosar didn’t stop there, admitting, “We lost over 100,000 people to fentanyl overdoses last year, over 100,000. We have human smuggling going right and left. Just this last year, and we still have a month to go, 2.1 million illegals and almost a million gotaways. That’s the same population [as] San Francisco coming in.”

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As for his thoughts on Kari Lake’s claims, Gosar concluded, “Picking the fight, defending Arizona. The Federal government promised us protection from an invasion. They guaranteed it — Article Four Section Four. If she does what she’s talking about, that picks the fight.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 28, 2022. It originally appeared on RedVoiceMedia.com and is used with permission.

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