Although Joe Biden declared that the COVID-19 pandemic was over, the aftermath is still being seen as millions of Americans continue to struggle to make ends meet. During the height of COVID-19, businesses had no other option than to lay off employees as the lockdown persisted. With companies shutting their doors in record numbers, the UFC president, Dana White, fought for his employees and did everything within his power to not fire a single person. While White helped his employees feed their families, the mainstream media blasted him for not taking COVID-19 seriously and for playing a part in its spreading. Recently, White sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss the UFC and the media backlash.

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Speaking with Tucker Carlson in the video, which can be watched below, Dana White said, “I took a lot of heat and a lot of bullets. I took a lot of criticism– That’s what the media does. The media does nothing. They never built anything, nobody depends on them for a paycheck. All they do is sit back and criticize. ‘I’m going to kill people and I care more about money than I do human life.’ I heard it all. And The New York Times, as you can imagine, was blasting me daily.”

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Tucker Carlson, not all that stunned about the media attacks on Dana White, stated, “Because you were trying to keep your employee paid and fed and keep your business going.”

Dana White added, “Right, because you’re trying to figure out solutions to problems. There was this narrative during Covid that if you don’t run and hide, you were reckless, you were a monster, you didn’t care about other people. Yet they were working. These guys [in the media] had nothing to worry about. They were writing horror stories every day, and they were all working.”

When asked about the criticism he endured and how he managed it, Dana White laughed, explaining, “I live in like my own little world over here. My own little bubble. I knew that if I went and figured out a way to do it, my team would go with me and the fighters would fight. So as long as we were aligned and everyone felt the same way. We weren’t 100% aligned, there were some fighters who were a little scared and a little nervous, and they didn’t have to fight if they didn’t want to. They weren’t being forced to fight… but that’s how these guys feed their families too.”

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User online voiced their opinions, writing, “I love Dana White. King Sisolak here in Nevada closed everything down. Dana White did what he had to, and took care of his employees. No wonder so many of them have worked for him so long.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 27, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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