This coming January will be the two-year anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot. On January 6, 2021, a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, supposedly looking to overthrow the government. At the time, some Democrats claimed to be hiding for their lives as they believed the angry mob who stopped to take pictures of themselves sought to harm them. Some Democrats weren’t even in the same building and considered themselves to be traumatized. During the tribute on the one-year anniversary, the day was compared to both Pearl Harbor and 9/11. But with all the media attention, the January 6th committee, and the dozens of arrests made, no one has caught the person behind a pimp bomb found.

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Given the severity of finding a pipe bomb in the remote area as, the January 6th riot apparently didn’t cause much concern for law enforcement or Democrats as the creator behind the device is still at large. Speaking about the bomb and how it resembled something out of a cartoon, political commentator Dan Bongino asked Fox News contributor and Veteran Joey Jones, “it’s something out of a movie prop. It’s a pipe with an egg timer in front of it. The egg timer apparently wasn’t even working and was set to 20 minutes. This isn’t the kind of device some professional looking to set off an insurrection in your experience would be planting, would you?”

In the video above, Joey Jones focused more on how to counter terrorism in the country works, stating, “I don’t propagate conspiracy theories. I just ask questions because I believe we deserve answers. We have an investigative human intelligence mechanism in this country that thwarts terrorism almost daily. Of all the things we don’t do well in law enforcement, and I don’t mean that to be disparaging, just bureaucracy gets in the way. The one thing we do well is this type of counterterrorism work. And it makes it hard to believe that something like this could go this long without any explanation.”

As for what Joey Jones said about the bomb itself, “In any understanding, we can do things like take it apart and analyze the chemicals in it, and almost trace those back to the company they were sold from. We do what we call reverse or backtrack tracing so well in this country. The one thing that bothers me, and this is not to put something out there, but what bothers me is the only thing that does look like is a training device we use in law enforcement and counterterrorism. And that’s like almost a cartoon version of what you would see. That’s what it looks like to me.”