With the backlash from the FBI raiding Trump’s property in Florida still unfolding, many Republicans not only called for an investigation into the matter but suggested that the Department of Justice has become nothing more than a political weapon for the White House. According to numerous reports, the raid at Mar-a-Lago happened due to accusations that former President Donald Trump took classified documents without using the proper steps while at the White House. Those claims continue to be disputed as Republicans like Representative Jim Jordan criticized both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland. The Republican called for them to answer questions on the raid in front of the Judiciary Committee. 

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Like many, Representative Jim Jordan was still confused about the raid when he discussed it on “Mornings with Maria.” “First, we have this unprecedented act where they raid the personal residence of the former president of the United States and the likely Republican presidential candidate in two years. So, I mean, totally never happened in American history. But you have to view it in context. Remember, this is the same Justice Department that a year ago said we’re going to treat parents as domestic terrorists. “

The Republican didn’t just criticize the raid and the FBI. He revealed that over a dozen agents visited his office, explaining how corrupt the DOJ really is. “We know that happened because we’ve had now over a dozen whistleblowers come to our office and talk about all the political things going on at the Justice Department. Then that’s followed up by a vote today. That’s going to happen on the House floor where the Democrats want to unleash thousands and thousands of IRS agents, Lois Lerner’s, to go harass taxpayers.” 

What confused Representative Jim Jordan, even more was the fact that the FBI had been working with Donald Trump before the raid. The accusations about him taking classified documents isn’t new. Still, Jordan added, “And then, of course, we had what happened at the president’s home just this past Monday night, which should never happen in this great country. And when you couple that with the fact that they were working with him, he was cooperating with them on this stuff. President Trump went down and talked to the agents when they were there a few months ago, for goodness’ sake.”

And like most who followed the raid, Jordan concluded, “This makes absolutely no sense. And as we called for early in the week, Merrick Garland and Chris Wray should be in front of the House Judiciary Committee today. After all, were in town. Why not come talk to us and answer the questions that the American people have about this unprecedented event that took place on Monday night?”