LAREDO, TX – A pursuit of a human smuggler in Laredo, Texas, rendered quite the optics when approximately over a dozen illegal immigrants were captured on a Texas DPS’ dashcam fleeing from the suspect’s vehicle mid-pursuit.

The incident occurred earlier in August when Texas DPS began pursuing a red SUV along the access road of I-35. Dashcam footage from the pursuit at one point shows the suspect slowing down briefly and pulling over, giving time for numerous illegal aliens to exit the vehicle and run into the nearby brush.

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It’s unclear whether all the immigrants that had bailed out of the vehicle were apprehended, as the trooper continued pursuing the human smuggler.

Video shows the suspect engaging in several dangerous maneuvers with their vehicle, at times driving against traffic and frequently cutting across medians to adjacent roads in order to evade authorities.

The suspect continued drifting between the highway and adjacent access roads before pulling off at an exit and eventually making their way to a residential neighborhood where they abandoned their vehicle. Authorities reportedly caught up with the suspect nearby where the vehicle had been abandoned.

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Subsequent photos showcased at the end of the video depict what appears to be some of the illegal immigrants that had bailed from the vehicle early-on in the pursuit, as well as a single photo of a suspect in the back of a patrol vehicle that is presumably the driver of the SUV that was apprehended.

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Texas has been arguably the worst hit in terms of the southern border crisis, which has left the state government with having to render their own solutions to the matter since the Biden administration has done little to counter the active swarm of illegal immigrants invading the country.

One of the more practical ideas employed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been to send the proverbial problem literally back to D.C., as well as other liberal/sanctuary cities that have emboldened the illegal immigration adversely affecting states along the southern border.

As part of Operation Lone Star, the governor has arranged for buses to transport illegal immigrants to places like D.C. and New York City, if said immigrants agree to take the bus trip, which apparently sparked the ire from the purportedly illegal-welcoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Despite Mayor Adams having said along the campaign trail to the mayor’s office that “immigrants make NYC stronger,” and that he’ll never allow for ICE “to partner with the police department” in his city – he expressed frustration when he got a mere taste of what the states along the southern border experience on a daily basis under the current border crisis.

In fact, Mayor Adams is so perturbed over having to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants just showing up that he’s stated that he’ll campaign in Texas to see Governor Abbott removed from office.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 18, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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