While the last two years have been somewhat lackluster for the Democrats and Biden administration, with many of their plans and proposals falling through, President Joe Biden is scheduled to sign the Inflation Reduction Act on Tuesday. Hoping to fight more than inflation, the proposed law would spend a whopping $430 billion to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, the Inflation Reduction Act will raise another $700 billion for the government thanks to a minimum of 15% tax on corporations. It also expands the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to collect the payments. As the Democrats praise the new law, Republicans are worried about the increase in taxes during a time of rising inflation. 

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One Republican to voice her disdain about the Inflation Reduction Act is Representative Lauren Boebert. Discussing the bill on the floor, she stated, “This bill hires 87,000 new IRS agents, and they are armed, and the job description tells them that they need to be required to carry a firearm and expected to use deadly force if necessary. You’re using the power of the federal government for armed robbery on the taxpayers.” Just a snippet of her entire speech, Boebert eventually went over her allotted time criticizing the bill, causing her microphone to be cut off not once but twice. 

Caring little about the Democrats trying to silence her voice, Representative Lauren Boebert jumped on Twitter to share more of her thoughts on the IRS becoming some sort of military branch. She wrote, “Know that those 87,000 new IRS agents will be defunded. If you’re applying, be prepared to be laid off. You should find work in the private sector instead. There is no way Republicans will let this IRS abomination stand.”

Adding his voice to the conversation, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested the bill to be the “largest tone-deaf bill we’ve seen in this chamber in 230 years.” Supposedly tucked into the Inflation Reduction Act is a provision costing around $46 billion that would allow the IRS to hire 87,000 new agents. While Boebert and other Republicans warn about this addition to the bill, the new hires would take place over a ten-year period as 50,000 seasoned agents are set to retire. 

After Representative Boebert’s fiery speech on the floor, Democratic Representative John Yarmuth claimed the Republican’s statements were untrue. “I know Mrs. Boebert would like everyone to be armed as they are in her restaurant, but that’s not what IRS agents do. I would implore my Republican colleagues to cut out the scare tactics, quit making things up, and debate the substance of this bill.”