Joe Rogan Mocks Biden Administration For Trying To Redefine The Word Recession

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Not afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to the current state of America or President Joe Biden, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan recently criticized the White House for not addressing the issue leading the country into another recession. Instead, the host pointed out how the Biden administration is more worried about changing what the word “recession” actually means. 

Speaking with famed Youtuber Chris Williamson, Joe Rogan explained how numerous Wikipedia pages changed the definition of recession. “The government is trying to not call it a recession.” He added that the woke left was “literally changing the definition, which is terrible and it should be pushed back against in a big way. It should be something that people get angry about, like, ‘Hey, you’re f***ing with definitions in order to pretend that you’re doing a good job.’ We’ve always used that term to define whether or not the economic policies that are currently in place and whether or not the management and the government has done a good job of making sure that the economy stays in a good place. They definitely haven’t done that.”

For some time now, the Biden administration praised the supposed growing economy, but in June, inflation sat at over 9%. That didn’t stop President Joe Biden from stating, “Now, there is no doubt we expect growth to be slower than last year rather than the rapid clip we had. But that’s consistent with the transition to a stable, steady growth and lower inflation. There is going to be a lot of chatter today on Wall Street and among pundits about whether we are in a recession, but if you look at our job market, consumer spending, business investment, we see signs of economic progress in the second quarter as well.”

But although President Biden is a Democrat, he didn’t draw much support from his party. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, declared, “We are in a financial crisis, like you can never imagine. Wall Street is collapsing; we’re in a recession.”

As for Joe Rogan, he summed up the entire Biden administration and Democrats, concluding, “What a bunch of weasels.”

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13 days ago

Do not blame biden about recession. Being hard of hearing, not knowing whether to walk away or shake hands and best of all, being lead by the wabbit, he thought you said it was “recess, son” so he opt to go out and play the game I am president.