Just a few years ago, both former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden competed against each other in the 2020 Presidential election. For those who might remember, Trump, welcomed staggering crowds as some people were turned away. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporters of Trump flocked to hear him speak and support his run for re-election. On the other side of the aisle, Biden had an incredibly different time on the campaign trail. He often fumbled and stumbled through his speeches, needing an extremely large teleprompter to hit his talking points. As for the turnout, Biden struggled to both entertain and draw supporters to his cause. Yet now, President Biden sits in the White House, still fighting to get Americans to support him. 

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Recently, President Joe Biden held a rally, hoping to gain some voters for the Democrats as his numbers continue to dip. And with the 2022 midterms right around the corner, the Democrats are concerned about what the future holds for them. Not to mention, their possible candidates for 2024 aren’t looking that great, either. During his speech, the President didn’t harp on inflation or the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, he focused all his efforts on former President Donald Trump, suggesting that his supporters are “semi-fascists.” 

While Biden supporters cheered the statement, an Australian news station took the words an entirely different way. In the video above, the anchor explained, “This Orwellian claptrap might work with the resistance crowd who still think Russia stole the 2016 Election, but sane people would know that fascism is a system of government where opponents and critics are suppressed and attacked. It’s subordination of individual difference for the supposed good of the nation, including the regimentation of society and the economy. It’s using the police and other government agencies to come after your opponents. Sound familiar.”

The host wasn’t done as she added, “We’ve seen the hopelessly compromised and politicized agencies like the FBI and IRS have become acting as the Democrat’s enforcers. Then there’s the bulk of the Mainstream Media and the Big Tech platforms, which act as the Democrat’s propaganda arms…You wanna talk about semi-fascism…look in the mirror.”

As mentioned above, President Joe Biden continues to focus on Donald Trump, but the man deemed “MAGA King” left the White House two years ago. Since then, both Biden and the Democrats have been in charge, yet all they do is push for more COVID-19 mandates, more spending, and holding people like Trump accountable for the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill. But at the same time, Americans struggle with food shortage, gas prices, a failing Southern border, and inflation.