VP Harris Pushes Assault Rifles Ban After Recent Mass Shooting

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

With the latest mass shooting taking place on July 4th, when a gunman opened fire on an Independence Day parade in Illinois, the White House has once again pushed for more gun control. On top of stricter gun laws, the Biden administration also wants certain assault rifles to be banned. Reenergizing the efforts of the White House, on Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris pushed the agenda on CBS’s “Face the Nation”. 

Speaking with Robert Costa, the Vice President discussed visiting Highland Park. She said, “I was there within about 24 hours of that tragic act of extreme violence, and I made a point of spending time with the first responders and talked with them about what they’ve witnessed, the absolute tragedy of it all. And you know, I- listen, for a large part of my career, for most of my career, I was a prosecutor. I have looked at autopsy photographs, I have prosecuted homicide cases and when you meet with first responders, when you meet with families of these victims, you cannot avoid the reality of what the impact of this gun violence is on a community, on families, on people who- who love their community, who love their family member, and assault weapons.”

VP Harris added, “So let’s just go right to that assault weapons. Assault weapons were specifically and intentionally designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly. It is a weapon of war. If you’ve ever looked at, if I may be so blunt, an autopsy photograph to see what it does to the human body and the fact that we can’t get Congress to renew — it’s not like we’re pulling something out of our hat, we’ve done it before as a nation — to renew the assault weapons ban, is outrageous.”

Knowing her comments might cause controversy, she was sure to note, “I support the Second Amendment, but we should agree we should not have weapons of war on the streets of America. In that case, well known, sadly, a toddler lost both his parents. When I got to the scene, I was greeted by the mayor and- and the chief and the first responders who told me that story. I- and I can’t even imagine what this is going to mean for the life of that child.”

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