Soros Bought Los Angeles D.A. Thinks Gun Control Stops Crime

He lives in an alternate reality.

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George Soros may lose an investment, as his pet district attorney George Gascon is desperately trying anything to ward off recall.

Fox: “Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon praised California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s push for more gun control as he faces criticism over releasing criminals who have gone on to commit violent crimes.

The signed legislation, Assembly Bills 1842, 2156, 2239 and Senate Bill 915, address various gun control measures including limiting the number of guns a person can manufacture without a license, forbidding guns or gun parts from being sold on state property, forbidding those convicted of child or elder abuse from buying a gun for ten years, and barring gun sellers from charging certain fees if a buyer backs out before the end of the waiting period.”

“Thank you, @cagovernor Newsom, for signing several important bills to protect Californians from #gunviolence including four bills supported by my office,” Gascon’s office tweeted Friday. Gascon says the bill will ‘help limit the availability of firearms and take on the growing menace of unlicensed ghost guns.’”

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“Easy accessibility of firearms, precursor parts, and ammunition has compounded this nation’s gun violence crisis,” Gascon’s office also tweeted. “These sensible measures will help stop this deadly #epidemic.” Every fact says that is a lie.

Rationalizing and changing the subject: “We’re coming out of the pandemic that has had a tremendous impact not only on L.A. County but throughout the nation,” Gascon said. “The reality is that crime is up around the nation, in fact some of our neighboring counties per capita are having higher levels of violence than we are.”

Los Angeles citizens were not amused. “Why don’t you try assisting crime victims by actually affectively [sic] prosecuting the cases where they have been victimized?” A Twitter user said. “Your transparent pro-defendant policies are not fooling anyone! Do your d–n job for a change!”

“What a surprise, two officials that do not respect the rights of others or the constitution trying to criminalize law-abiding citizens while virtue signaling and fearmongering,” another user said.

And Gascon’s political opponents aren’t buying his defense either. “The only person talking about partisan politics is George Gascon himself because he has no defense for his failed record,” the recall campaign told media. “Whether he’s intentionally gaslighting or just delusional, Gascon’s continued dismissal of victims and the legitimate concerns of residents is part of the reason why he’s going to be recalled in a landslide if we qualify.

In related news, Alisa Blair, a hard left deputy to Gascon, who put vicious criminals back on the street, is leaving her job. Even she can’t stand working for Gascon. She was a mess as a prosecutor.

“Ms. Blair has never understood the responsibilities of a prosecutor — to seek justice, protect the public and uphold the law,” Kathy Cady, a former prosecutor told press Friday. “She is responsible for the release of multiple gang murderers into the community. Her deliberate actions have endangered the public and devastated victims and their families,” said Cady.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
22 days ago

Gun Control: sight Target, hold gun firm, squeeze trigger

Christina Creasy
Christina Creasy
22 days ago

Taking our guns is not going to reduce crime and murders. Law abiding citizens will not be able to protect ourselves against criminals. The criminals will be the only ones to have guns. Get your head out of the sand and think about it. Who will protect you and us from these criminals

r m
r m
22 days ago

I would care less if I read in the paper both Soros and Gascone have terminal heart attacks or strokes. Well deserved for both. Praying daily!

22 days ago

The prime sign of insanity is the person who deliberately re-enacts the identical scenario and expects a different outcome each time. This approach is seen daily in every aspect of the Demonrat Party philosophy but with bells on ! They add the insult of taxing their insane demands as if they worked.