Semantics Don’t Hide The Biden Recession

White House spin is not convincing.

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Word games can’t hide the fact we’re in a Biden recession. But nevertheless, the liberal media will lie to you about it.

Fox: “Media outlets that are engaged in semantics over whether the U.S. is in a recession are “missing the boat” and hurting their own credibility, economic experts tell Fox News Digital.

The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times and others embraced the White House definition of a recession on Thursday after GDP numbers showed consecutive quarters of negative growth as the U.S. economy enters a recession, and pundits on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and elsewhere also played up the notion of “fears” of a recession, rather than acknowledging the U.S. was now, by definition, going through one.”

“They’re playing the game of are we in it or aren’t we? And that is totally missing the boat. And because people have been living through it, they know that the media is missing the boat,” said Brian Brenberg, a professor of business and economics at The King’s College in Manhattan and a Fox News contributor. “So that’s why it hurts their credibility, because this isn’t theoretical. This is very practical.”

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“I think the best indicator of recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, because what that means is you’ve had a slowdown, a significant slowdown in the economy,” Brenberg said. “And I think, you know, all of the media hubbub about whether it is or isn’t is missing the point. If you’ve got two quarters in a row of the economy shrinking, you’ve got an economic problem. And everybody outside of the media knows that, everybody who’s not splitting hairs over definitions knows it. And so to try to play games with that, to me, one is not helpful, but two is not credible. People lose confidence in leaders who spend time splitting hairs about definitions.”

“Remember, the data we got today is backward-looking. It’s telling us what’s already happened. This is the point I think the media misses… The data today is saying recession has been here. It’s been here for six months,” he said. “So it’s not that people’s fears are getting stoked because you’re telling them about things coming. People already know. They already know how they’ve been spending. They already know how stretched their budgets are. They’ve been living through it.”

“Under Trump, it was important to speak truth to power and not have alternative facts,” the conservative Media Research Center’s Scott Whitlock told media. “But now we see a willingness to just accept what the Biden administration says. A recession would be very bad news for Democrats going into the midterms. So journalists are all too happy to help Biden avoid using the R-word.”

The inevitable White House spin was lame and unconvincing. “We had this strong economic growth because of the work that the president has done in the past 18 months, and now what we’re seeing is a transition into stable and steady growth,” Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said. But only Democrats and the liberal media are buying it. Americans know better.

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Timothy Toroian
Timothy Toroian
14 days ago

That’s not semantics, it’s _ _ _ _ ing with the language, which is vile. And evil. And slimy.