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Green Beret Slams Woke Military

It's got to stop.

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Under Biden our military is turning into a woke sociology seminar, not an effective fighting force.

Fox: “A former Green Beret is calling on the Department of Defense to end its hunt for military extremism following a ‘fruitless’ investigation and recommendation from the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

“I hope that the DOD and the Biden administration take the recommendation so that our service members can get back to the war-fighting functions that they’re supposed to be training on,” Derrick Anderson, a retired Green Beret and former congressional candidate in Virginia told press about a Senate report that urges the Pentagon to stop funding woke policies.

“The committee believes that spending additional time and resources to combat exceptionally rare instances of extremism in the military is an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds and should be discontinued by the Department of Defense immediately,” the report said.

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Anderson said, “as we’ve seen with the Democrats over and over again, they’re digging their heels in on these types of woke policies instead of just coming to the table and saying, ‘hey, maybe we were wrong on this.’ The Senate Armed Services Committee has essentially said that it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to be conducting this training when our service members should be otherwise training for combat,” Anderson said of the committee’s push to halt woke programs. “Why are we wasting taxpayer dollars on 0.005% of our military being considered extremist?’” Anderson said.

“When you look at what policies are being placed by the Biden administration and Secretary Austin, there’s no wonder we don’t have the recruitment levels that we had. There’s no wonder we have people leaving the military in exponential numbers,” Anderson said.

“Some might call them ‘woke’– everyone has their different terminology for them– at the end of the day, they’re not war-fighting functions, I can tell you that,” Anderson said of the Pentagon’s focus on social justice initiatives.

“When those bullets start flying, we’ve got each other’s back no matter what. I personally did not experience it while I was in the military, and I had some of the best soldiers and most diverse soldiers that I ever worked with,” the combat veteran told media. Another combat vet joined the debate on the Senate report.

Jeremy Hunt: Overall, I applaud Sen. Cotton and Rep. Crenshaw who are speaking out against what’s going on right now in the military. I mean, if you want to support the troops right now, what we need are people who refuse to shut up when it comes to the concerns of those who are serving.

“Because the problem is that of course many who are serving active duty, there’s a fear of you could lose your job, as we saw just a few weeks ago, and so what they are doing is providing a way – an anonymous way – of people can actually share what’s going on in a way that can hopefully bring about some change. On the other hand, this is very troubling.”

Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation said this is the worst recruiting environment that the US military has had since 1973, after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
22 days ago

Wheres the rest of the Spec OPs on this??