Democrat Voters And Activists Growing Irritated With President Joe Biden

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Much like the Republicans and conservative voters, it appears that Democrats are growing increasingly tired of President Joe Biden. Although liberal voters don’t believe President Biden is doing a terrible job, they desperately want to see more spirit and fight out of the highest elected official in the United States. Discussing the current mood coming from the White House, the Hill’s Alex Gangitano and Hanna Trudo suggested Biden had a “lackadaisical approach to everything.” 

Not only sharing their own takes on the matter, but the reporters also focused on the voters who once backed Biden. “Progressives are getting louder and louder as they grow increasingly tired of seeing the president’s campaign promises be cut down to size, only to have the midterms fall further out of their grasp. They are becoming more disagreeable, sparked, they say, by his inaction and inability to bring his own agenda to fruition.”

Talking with The Hill, Ellen Sciales, spokesperson for Sunrise Movement, which is focused on climate change, admitted, “We’ve been warning Democrats that unless they correct now, they are going to lose the engagement of so many voters, threatening their chances in 2022 and 2024 even further. Democrats are heading into November with a president with low approval ratings, a Congress that has not passed Build Back Better, and we are losing young people, the future of the party, and the future of the country.” 

Feeling almost betrayed by Biden, Sciales added, “So many of us poured our hearts into the 2020 elections and had so much hope for what the government could do with a flipped Senate and with the presidency back… Now we are watching as our fundamental rights are being stripped away, climate disasters are worsening, districts have been gerrymandered for the next 10 years, and the message young people are receiving from leadership is, ‘Vote harder.’”

It wasn’t just Sciales as Aaron Chappell, political director of Our Revolution, blamed Biden for the 2022 midterms predicted to sway heavily for the GOP. “This isn’t some inner-party fight, this isn’t about beating up Biden because we want to relitigate 2020 or fight about what happens in 2024, this is about foreseen disaster in the midterms and we wanted to fend off that disaster.”

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1 month ago

Total BS (biden speak). This was the plan all along. hitlery was clear, if biteme is out, she’s in. She would’ve lost to Trump even worse than biteme did in 2020, now wants back in as the only supposed “legit” democrat.