Democrat Representative Claims GOP Candidate Using Her Heritage To Gain Votes

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Although President Joe Biden makes some rather interesting comments, the current public relations crisis is thanks to First Lady Jill Biden. On Tuesday, Jill Biden shockingly compared Hispanics to tacos. She said, “The diversity of this community as distinct at the bogedas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, is your strength!” After her comments,  Republican congressional candidate Tanya Contreras Wheeless wrote on Twitter that she was a “proud, conservative Latina”. While celebrating her heritage, Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego criticized her for using her surname to get votes. 

Responding to the tweet written by Wheeless, Gallego stated, “In the years I have known of you in Arizona it wasn’t until you ran for office that you added Contreras. Glad you are proud Latina now hope it will stay after you lose,” Gallego responded. “FYI… google Tanya Wheelers see how often Contreras comes up prior to her running.” 

Right now, Wheeless is running for the 4th Congressional District in Arizona. That didn’t stop her from replying to the Democrat, claiming he was both “sexist and racist”.  “Ruben Gallego’s claim that I am not sufficiently Latina because I don’t always use my fill name is disappointing, but not surprising. Many women change their last name when they get married, but that doesn’t change who they are or where they came from. Attacking me for using my married name is sexist and racist. These gross attacks have sadly become too frequent in our political discourse.”

Not wanting her heritage to be a political advantage, Wheeless declared, “I am proud of my heritage and who I am — today and every day. I will use my name when and how I want,” she declared. “I am proud to be part Mexican, party Canadian and 100% America, and I’ll never stop fighting for the American dream.”

Wheeless has been fighting more than Democrats as the Arizona primary election is on August 2nd. She is currently running against numerous other Republican candidates hoping to win.  With the GOP gaining ground in D.C. and key states, many have sought to take advantage and run for office. 

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29 days ago

So did baracky o’blunder.

29 days ago

I learned in grade school that when they make fun of your name, they have nothing else upon which to attack you. Democrats are plumbing new lows in their ever-collapsing juvenile world.