Biden Losing Democrat Moms

This guy is getting politically lonely.

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Fox: “Some Joe Biden voters are having buyer’s remorse over the president’s handling of issues like COVID-19 and the economy as Americans continue to face an uphill battle against pandemic-related policies and sky-high inflation.

Democrat mothers Mikaela King, Natalya Murakhver, and Marissa Caro-Cortese joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss why they are worried about the president’s policies and the direction of the country.”

“From my perspective, my personal experience, he’s made it a whole lot worse for people like me who voted for him,” King, who is a single mother. “So I feel not only embarrassed, but I just feel very manipulated by… social media portraying him as someone who is going to fix the country.”

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“I’m a lifelong Democrat, I voted for Biden,” Murakhver said. “I believed him when he said that… kids would be back to normal and school would be fully reopened within the first hundred days.

“Here we are, a year and a half into his presidency, and in blue areas like where I live in New York City, kids are far from normal,” she continued. “There is no attempt to even try to restore normalcy for these kids.”

“I tend to err more on the side of being a progressive, and we are just as upset about the direction of the country as anyone else is,” Caro-Cortese said. “President Biden was this funny, cool guy, but the funny old guy, Uncle Joe, that everybody calls him. So when he was up for election, we’re like, how bad can he possibly be?

“Sure he’s not really an effective legislator if you look back on his track record,” she continued. “But we were told by the DNC, by everybody else, he’s going to be fine. He’s going to push a progressive agenda. He’s going to check all the boxes that all of you are thinking about, and he’s going to be one of the most progressive leaders in history, and none of that has come true.” The man is ineffectual even to the left. Which I guess we can be thankful for.

But if conservatives despise him, moderates think he’s a loser, and his own base thinks he can’t deliver, where can he find support? Only one place, the media and even they are openly trashing him. This guy is snakebit. Like the ending days of the Carter administration but two years earlier on to the administration. And like Carter, a Republican, probably a former president looking to pull a Grover Cleveland, will emerge to send Joe packing back to Delaware.

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27 days ago

So nothing has changed since November 2020. No worries, though, dead & fake people have his back.

26 days ago

They should have researched this buffoon BEFORE they voted for him. That is the problem with people – they just believe whta they are told and all by the main stream media. Bozo Joe has been a pathological liar his entire life. He has done nothing and as for being parent himself, he is rotten at the as well – look at his useless, spoiled son. Posses the same unethical traits – lying, stealing, spending like money grows on trees, helps everyone but our own country. He is sinking us and does not give a flying F any more than the effen democrats.