Roe Liberal Meltdown: The Greatest Hits

This is fun.

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Now that summer is here it’s time to  chill, have some beer, and watch liberal heads explode over Roe. Writer Dan Gainor joins the fun.

Gainor: Legacy media reaction to the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling on Friday was even more predictable than the ruling itself. And that was all but certain after a draft of the decision leaked in early May.

Journalists, celebrities and pundits slammed the ruling, the justices and the Court. It was almost impossible to differentiate among them. Media figures couldn’t have been more supportive of abortion rights than if they worked for Planned Parenthood.

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ABC senior correspondent Terry Moran warned, “women will die because of this ruling.” He seemed unconcerned about the roughly 63 million babies that were killed following the original decision. And NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd attacked the Court, complaining about the move to “take away” abortion rights. “I think there are no more black robes. I think the robes are red and blue.” he said. Todd, like most in the press, was fine with a status quo that killed more than 1 million babies each year.

Engadget Senior Reporter Andrew Tarantola even tweeted, “Burn down the Supreme Court.” Shockingly, that was deleted. Major media filled news and opinion sections with anti-Court venom. New York Times writer Linda Greenhouse covered the high court for 30 years, pretending to be unbiased. Now she writes columns proving that was never true.

She attacked the ruling for its “arrogance and [the] unapologetic nature of the opinion.” “What you have finished off is the legitimacy of the court on which you are privileged to spend the rest of your lives,” she proclaimed. Subtle.

Times columnist Pamela Paul declared “America the Merciless” because our nation won’t kill as many babies and won’t embrace eradicating the old and infirm with euthanasia and “physician-assisted suicide.” “I am seeing here only the worst side of what feels right now like a broken country,” she wrote. Perhaps she was staring at The Times newsroom?

And Times senior political reporter Maggie Haberman made a senior level mistake tweeting that, “Pence calls for a national abortion ban,” which was entirely false. She replied to her tweet, noting, “He did not call for legislation to that effect, but called for the fight to stop abortion to continue in each state across the country.”

The original was shared more than 3,500 times. The correction, a mere 65. She didn’t delete the original because why would you delete something so egregiously wrong?

Washington Post National Correspondent Philip Bump wrote an “analysis” claiming, “Scaling back abortion access is consistent with declining democracy.” He didn’t explain that prior to Friday, the U.S. was one of only seven nations with the most extreme abortion rules. Two of the others included the monstrous cult nation North Korea and genocidal China…

All this was more proof the media overwhelmingly support the most extreme attitudes about abortion. That’s what makes the Roe decision amazing. The pro-life generation overcame the press, Hollywood, government, big business and the left to win a victory few thought possible. That’s why they are all so angry.

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