Howard Stern Says He’s Running For President

Just a stunt.

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Howard Stern is good at getting publicity. But he’s not as dumb as he seems. He says he’s running for president to do things he knows he can’t do.

But a lot of people are real stupid and would vote for Stern just because he’s a loud mouth celebrity. Most of them would be liberals, but you never know. There’s a lot of dumb to go around.

It’s a publicity stunt for Stern, who hates President Trump. But that’s probably just a show too because he and the president were pals before Trump got into politics.

Fox: “In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, shock jock Howard Stern said it may be time for him to run for president and revealed several things on his political checklist.

Should he run for office, Stern said he would put an end to the Electoral College, a longtime subject of angst for liberals. However, as president he could not unilaterally do this.

Should he run for president, it would not be the first time Stern has thrown his hat in the political ring. In 1994, the radio and television personality ran as a libertarian in New York’s gubernatorial race. However, Stern would later drop out after the state Supreme Court signaled to Stern that he would have to disclose his personal finances in order to run for office.”

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“I’m actually going to probably have to run for president now,” the SiriusXM host said Monday on his radio show.

“These appointed judges by Trump were appointed by a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. This is where we get into trouble.” Stern thinks Trump lost, in 2016.

“I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: one vote, one person. No more Electoral College. I’m getting rid of it.” He can’t do that by himself.

“We were past all of this — and we still are. We as a country voted for Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes,” said Stern. “We voted for Biden because it was repugnant — all this horseshit,” Stern continued. “But now for life, we’re stuck…A guy who lost the vote won the election,” Stern said. “How long can we keep electing people who lost the election?” Again, he means in 2016.

“The only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again…The other thing is, if I do run for president, and I’m not f—–g around, I’m really thinking about it — because the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” Stern said. Last year, Stern said should he face off against Trump in 2024, he would “beat his a–.” And there are millions of dumb liberals who would vote for him.

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1 month ago

jeb! had a faaaaar better chance. As did cory booker. (is booker still living?)

1 month ago

Good. It will do howard well to be totally humiliated in his first primary when he wins 0% of the vote.

1 month ago

The man is a germaphobe. He would not be able to handle the public contact.

1 month ago

Not happening – Howie doesn’t DO germs.