Harris Not Even Choice Of Democrats

That party is screwed.

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If Biden gets dumped by Democrats you would think they would automatically support his vice president, Kamala Harris. But her performance has been so bad, her public image so damaged, her popularity so low that fellow Democrats want her gone.

But Democrats are sexists and racists. So they think, like any bigot, that a person’s gender and race are the most important things about them. So there would be civil war in the Democrat Party if they tried to get rid of a black woman. Then the Democrats are screwed no matter what they do.

If they dump Biden and elevate Harris then they’re stuck with someone maybe more unpopular than Biden. If they drop her then their sexist racist base and office holders will be up in arms. All this is good news for the country because the worse off the Democrats are the better the country is. The media will try to make Harris a goddess because she would be the first female president. But, it won’t work.

Fox: “Virginia voters told Fox News that Vice President Kamala Harris is not a shoo-in to replace President Joe Biden at the top of the ticket If he does not seek re-election in 2024.

Rosa, a mother from Virginia, told Fox News, ‘I would support her, but I’d be open to other candidates as well in the Democratic Party.’

Forty percent of 2020 Biden voters said he should not run, according to a recent poll by Yahoo News/YouGov.”

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Virginia voters speak here. “No, I wouldn’t support any Democrat,” said Lisa from Ashburn, Virginia. “I don’t think she deserves the position she is in now,” said a man named Daniel. “I think she’s a joke, to be honest.”

“I would not support a Democratic ticket or her,” said Kristine, a Virginia mother. “She’s not the greatest representative that this country can ask for. Look at her record,” Kristine continued.

“She’s just been an embarrassment to everyone,” Daniel concluded. “Hopefully, somebody else will run for president and not her.” said a voter named Marcus. “Different people, different results.”

“I think she’s done a great job so far and especially as a Black woman,” a man named Nathan commented. A very interesting comment. Either it is really condescending, implying that a black woman would not be expected to perform well, or it infers that Harris’ race and gender somehow affect her performance.

“I would say that I’m in the middle.” Rosa continued. “Because I do see some positive from the Republican Party and also the Democratic Party.” “I’m definitely looking forward to seeing somebody running for president other than Mrs. Harris or Joe Biden running for a second term in office,” Marcus finally said. “So I’ll definitely be looking for somebody new.”

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1 month ago

Don’t you believe it! There’s no question in anyone’s mind she’s a putrid joke, but she’s the same moron as the *ssclown sitting in the leaders chair. biteme was also ALWAYS considered the village idiot, both parties knew it, yet here we are.

1 month ago

Can a hyena ever be queen of the jungle if the lion is more like a little (wanted to say p…y) cat. Need to be polite.

1 month ago

Willie Brown’s ex girlfriend isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm for doing anything except making Willie Brown happy. Too bad she didn’t stick to that.

1 month ago

What the h*ll?! democrat nat’l socialists made it clear they wouldn’t elect her as as town goldfish catcher, as demonstrated by her hilariously blundering primary “performance”. biteme alone wanted someone stupider than him, and he chose right.