Experts Claims End Of Pres. Biden As He Is Doing Worse That Jimmy Carter

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With the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, the Biden administration has been adamant that no matter what the polls predict, they will overcome and continue to control D.C. While being optimistic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, recently, journalist Jim VandeHei spoke with MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” about how the Democrats are extremely worried not only about the midterm elections but how President Joe Biden has caused their party to lose momentum over the last 18 months. 

Giving his take on the Democrats, VandeHei said, “They’re super duper-worried, right? You don’t want the president of your party sitting at 40% or slightly below 40%. You look at the numbers of independents, you have swing voters often around 30%, sometimes lower. That’s terrible. Like, there’s no other way to cut it, and Democrats know that.”

It wasn’t just one of the co-founders of Axios who spoke out against the Biden administration as CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten suggested that the GOP were in the “best position at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years”. He added,  “Well, it’s pretty clear why they’re feeling this bad, and that is because the consumer price index is the worst it’s ever been in a midterm cycle since 74. It’s the worst it’s been in any presidential cycle or midterm cycle since 1980. So it’s not much of a surprise. You can see it. It’s literally off the charts on the table on your screen.”

Trying to give a sense of the mountain President Biden is facing, Enten explained, “I’ll compare it to Carter at this point in his presidency, right? Look at the disapproval rating Joe Biden has for inflation right now — it’s over 70%. Carter was not even there at this point in mid-1978. When you’re doing worse than Jimmy Carter’s doing in the minds of Americans on inflation, you know, that they’re holding you responsible for the conditions that are currently on the ground that are hurting Americans in their pocketbooks.”

Still, as experts, data reporters, and polls show the Democrats taking heavy losses, it seems that President Biden continues to discuss his chances of reelection. 

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13 days ago

joe blunderin’, half as smart as carter, twice as cowardly.

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