CNN Caught Promoting Abortion Pill By Mail

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While the Democrats and liberal activists have poured into the streets, calling for the Supreme Court to be abolished after its ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, news outlets like CNN were sure to produce several segments about what the country might look like in a few years. Doing nothing more than spreading fear porn about how bad the future will look, CNN recently appeared to promote an online service that matches women seeking an abortion to pharmaceutical services that are mainly based in overseas markets. 

Appearing on CNN, Elisa Wells, the co-founder of Plan C, was being interviewed by host Poppy Harlow when she literally encouraged female viewers to use her service that would grant them pills to have a “self-managed abortion.” She added, “We have been testing websites that offer pills by mail for about five years now. We have purchased from them. We regularly purchase from them using mystery shoppers.” 

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a regime for having a chemical abortion that came in two pills. But the FDA was sure to note that it had to be prescribed by an authorized health care provider. Not all that surprising, Wells was sure to explain how women can get past certain FDA guidelines like having to have a follow-up appointment after the chemical abortion. “Most people can tell if they’re no longer pregnant and if they’re not having any bleeding issues, there’s really no reason for it. If you ask clinic providers, they will say that a lot of people are not coming in. They don’t need them. There’s no information that the clinician needs to have. They do not need to know that you’ve taken abortion pills in order to provide safe follow-up treatment.”

Although Wells shared all the benefits, The Washington Free Beacon wrote, “[A] recent Charlotte Lozier Institute study showed that women who failed to disclose they took abortion pills during an emergency room visit averaged more than three in-patient hospital admissions to treat subsequent complications—a 78 percent higher rate than women who did disclose. Tessa Longbons, a senior research associate at the institute, said groups such as Plan C overlook this data because they value advocacy over science.”

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