AOC Attacks Democrats For Not Using Woke Term “Latinx”

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The Democrats have always promoted themselves as the progressive party. Wanting to be at the forefront of the future, the party has promoted movements like Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, and the woke mob that tried to erase America’s history. These movements have not only targeted the history of America, they have promoted the idea that racism and white supremacy were still running rampant through the United States. Recently, hoping to educate Americans on the right vocabulary to use when speaking with the Hispanic community, Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to attack her own party for not using the approved term “Latinx”. 

That’s right, while the Democrats are known for criticizing the GOP, former President Donald Trump, and his followers for allegedly spreading racism, on Sunday, the Twitter queen, AOC, turned the tables. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, she didn’t lash out at the Democrats on Twitter, but on Instagram. She said, “I also have a mini-rant about this because there are some politicians, including Democratic politicians, that rail against the term ‘Latinx.’ And they’re like, ‘this is so bad, this is so bad for the party,’ like blah blah blah.”

The Democrat didn’t stop there, adding, “And, like, it’s almost like it hasn’t struck some of these folks that another person’s identity is not about your re-election prospects. Like, this is not about you. Second of all, if putting a little ‘x’ on your campaign literature is what you think is the difference between winning and losing an election, you need to talk about health care more. You need to raise people’s wages. You need to talk about more issues that also matter to people.”

What made the video even more absurd was the fact that AOC suggested that both gender and language was “fluid” and people shouldn’t cause so many waves over the term “Latinx”. But again, it was the Democrat who went on Instagram to rant about the term. 

While the term might be new to some, last year, Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego noted, “To be clear my office is not allowed to use ‘Latinx’ in official communications. When Latino politicos use the term it is largely to appease white rich progressives who think that is the term we use. It is a vicious circle of confirmation bias.”

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17 days ago

“If Fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of ‘Liberalism.”—Ronald Reagan

17 days ago

Ah Alexandria Obviously Communist! Living proof that it’s possible to have a fully functional body and a totally non functional mind all at the same time!

17 days ago

First of all, when a person, in order to say something, has to begin with such words as, “like”, “you know”, etc. reflects either lack of ability to clearly say something or what is being said is not very important.
So the word “latinx” is the new proper method of addressing us “Latinos”. I take offense to that for 2 reasons; first and foremost I consider myself to be an American citizen period though of Mexican descent. Secondly,any word having “x” attached to it whether in the beginning or ending means you are no longer what you used to be. An example used quite often s xwife (ex-wife); x’d out; xcommunicado (excommunicado). There is nothing “X” about me.