President Trump Beats Deep State Bush Family In Texas

They're finished.

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From the time George W. Bush insulted President Trump on the day of Trump’s inauguration you knew that eventually that family was going to get their tail whupped.

It happened Tuesday as President Trump’s candidate, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, beat Jeb Bush’s son George P. Bush in the Republican primary for Attorney General. The Bushes had it coming.

Since 1988 when the Bushes betrayed President Reagan they been the poster boys for the New World Order and the Deep State. They got us into wars we didn’t need to be in and brought us recessions and bended over for any Democrap that said boo to them. The old man lost reelection because of it and when Dumbya left he gave us a communist in office.

But they still thought they were all that, so Jeb ran in 2016 and President Trump kicks his ass. Now they lose again. Their loss is a win for good American people all over who want a strong president who puts America First, not some fake cowboy from a country club.

Lots of people talked about George P. Bush’s lost election. “I think that he is politically greatly diminished from the results last night,” longtime Texas based GOP strategist Brendan Steinhauser told Fox News. It’s more than diminished, it’s over and not soon enough for good folks.

Matt Mackowiak, a veteran Austin, Texas-based Republican consultant and chair of Travis County GOP, said, “It’s not clear when another Bush family member will win elected office. It’s been 18 years since George W. Bush appeared on a ballot. The party has changed, the base has changed, and the times have changed.” Damn right. The Republicans gone from a snooty party to a party for working people, except for McConnell and the like. But their time is over when Trump comes back soon.

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George P. himself was in a daze about his family name. “I think it actually helps me. It helps open the door on conversation on the trail.” But it is a conversation about how you care more about Washington and the New World Order than you do about regular Americans.

Ken Paxton understood what he was up against. “I’m kind of in the way of the Bush dynasty plan, to move that guy up to bigger and higher offices…. It is a reality that he’s kind of the last one and they had big plans for him to be probably governor or president of the United States and this was just a steppingstone.” Yup, and we beat Bush. Beat him some more too if he ever fixes to run again.

Former New Hampshire Attorney General Tom Rath has the last word, “I don’t think there’s anyone at the moment that’s looking to the Bush family for either a candidate or leadership right now. The Bushes are not part of the Republican Party political conversation.” Hope it stays that way. It will if President Trump has anything to do with it. And he’s gonna.

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James Bryant
James Bryant
1 month ago

I always thought W would be great for America, but after he snubbed Trump I lost all respect for Him. Wished I’d voted for the other candidate.

1 month ago

Once upon a time I actually liked GW – now I know better ;)
God bless America – these are dangerous times for true democracy.