Kash Patel On Recent Durham’s Recent Win, Fusion GPS, Clinton Campaign Withheld 1,400 Documents [VIDEO]

"Watch out, This could get pretty heated."

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The Clinton Crime Family could be facing more trouble as the judge in the case is now looking into documents they were trying to conceal.

Kash Patel explains…


Kash Patel: As we’ve been going along the way he’s making some rulings and holding off on others. This one’s kind of important. It goes to the heart of what John Durham has been asking the court for, which is you the judge needs to review all this information. These documents that the defense and company have withheld from me. The defense being Sussman, Fusion GPS, Clinton world, Clinton Campaign have withheld 1,400 documents. John Durham hasn’t even seen them. Because they, on the other side took it amongst themselves to say you’re not allowed to see them. You know, thankfully, that’s not how federal court works. They can get away with that, those shenanigans in Congress, which they did when we were running Russiagate, but not against a federal judge.

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And the judge rightfully so said, John Durham’s made a pretty good case here, I the judge, I’m going to look at every single one of those documents, and then I the judge am going to decide which ones John Durham’s allowed to use, and that’s all he’s ever been asking for he John Durham because he’s been saying the information is so critical to his case in chief. And he’s also been saying, as I think the judge is now going in that direction, that there’s no attorney-client privilege. There’s no work product privilege because that’s what Clinton world was hiding that information behind. And that’s the kicker that I don’t think many Americans realize and we’ve never said before on our show, John Durham has not seen the content of those documents. But they’ve been withheld with him, probably for a good reason. Because it doesn’t help Sussman it, doesn’t help Clinton world. It doesn’t help fusion GPS, it probably destroys the narrative they had pled in federal court, and it could show them to have committed a fraud to the court by lying to this judge.

Jan Jekielek: And he won’t be happy if that’s what happened.

Kash Patel: Well, listen, I don’t, really, I have appeared before scores of federal judges, Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians, what have you. I can’t remember a single one of them that was happy when someone came before them as an officer of the court and lied and committed a felony. So, you know, watch out this could get, this could get pretty heated.

That all sounds well and good but people still have questions, doubts, and concerns as to whether something will ever happen.

Here are a few comments surrounding the short Kash Patel video above…

“Who is the judge and are they trustworthy?”

“This will take another 10 years at this pace.”

“Only if the judge is not bought and paid for by the deep state!”

“Soo in other words we are still 2 years out from any results. Stuck with a depends wearing, tapioca-brained moron being puppeted by Soros till 2024…our country’s outlook is bleak. Hey, maybe inflation will hit 35% by then. That should wake people up.”

“Except for the FISA court. They seem to be OK with being lied to repeatedly “

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