Biden Regime Education Secretary Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About ‘Controlling The Narrative’ [VIDEOS]

Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates funding child groomers?

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They’ll tell you a lot of what they’re doing and trying to do if you just listen to the words coming out of their mouths.

Pay close attention to what Frances Messano, President of the Jeff Bezos & Gates-funded NewSchools Venture Fund, says about sexuality in her questions to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.


Frances Messano: State legislatures right now are also proposing a range of bills, restricting what educators can teach or say in the classroom. And we know that these efforts are protecting and preventing the accurate teaching of history, a focus on social-emotional learning, and discussions about race, gender identity, and our sexuality. And so I was really curious to hear how is the part the department’s supporting educators right now as they face this crisis? And what more should we be doing in this moment to protect educational equity?

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona: You know, there are many who want to win political points by creating division and education. What I say to the folks on the call and educators across the country, let’s remember who we serve. Let’s remember, education unites. And let’s control the narrative of what we’re doing in our classrooms to teach the correct history and make sure all students feel welcomed in our school.

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Did you catch it?

Frances Messano kinda sounded like she admitted to being a child groomer when said ‘our sexuality.’ What do her and other teachers’ sexuality have to do with teaching children?

Also notice that Miguel Cardona didn’t even flinch, let alone push back at all.

He then went on about ‘controlling the narrative’ & teaching the ‘correct history’… and in case you thought he may have just come off the wrong way, here’s a clip from about a week ago where you can see/hear the same theme and narrative throughout.


“What I haven’t heard is an appetite from parents for sowing division in our schools or using our schools for cultural wars. Or telling students what they can or can’t read, or can’t learn. Or telling teachers what they can’t teach or telling any person what they can or can’t be. I know there are some that would rather distract and divide and spread misinformation to undermine our public schools and gain attention. But that’s not what the parents that I’ve spoken to told me they want. That’s not what I want.” – Education Secretary Miguel Cardona

Agendas and narratives… how about getting the basics down first. Our education system is more of an indoctrination day camp designed to produce obedient employees, not free-thinking productive members of society.

People aren’t buying their BS anymore based on the comments I’ve seen surrounding these two short videos.

Here are just a few of them…

“And by history? Do you mean cancel culture? and by narrative? you mean Demonic Evil?”

“He’s in charge of propaganda, not education.”

“It’s time for school choice in all 50 states. Time to allow parents to decide if they want their kids to be indoctrinated by a POS like this and what he stands for, or to move their kids to a private or charter school where they can get an actual education. The money needs to follow the child. Let’s see how well the teacher’s unions do with a little competition from the private side. I’m betting not too well.”

“Just teach reading, science, and math. Outcomes from public scores are very poor. Fix that!”

“We need to abolish government-run schools. It is long past time.”

“F U….Defund public schools.”

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