Beto O’Rourke Busted: Disruption Clearly Staged, PR Stunt Off Grieving Community – ‘To Hell With You’ [VIDEOS]

Looks like someone wants big money donors at the expense of victims and their families.

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On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference to not only discuss the mass shooting in Uvalde, but he also presented mental health resources that are readily available to the victims and their families. The Republican Governor also offered support for first responders. But apparently, that wasn’t enough as the entire press conference was derailed as Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke casually walked to the stage and confronted the Governor. Before being able to get a word in, several men close the Abbott demanded that he leave. Still, the Democrat accused the Republican of “doing nothing” to help save lives and prevent such tragedies. 

Being in the room when the confrontation happened, as can be seen in the video below, Janet Shamlian, a correspondent for CBS News, said, “Well, I did see what happened just before the press conference started. I was in the third row and there were two people across the aisle from me and a moment before the press conference started, they got up from their seats when Beto walked in. So they were seat holders for him. And then he sat down so his presence wasn’t really noticed in the 15 or 20 minutes that people were gathering inside because he was not in the room. So this seems something very clearly staged by Beto O’Rourke and his campaign wanting to confront the Governor at this moment.”

Suggesting that O’Rourke had planned to crash the conference, many residents criticized the Democrat for trying to use such a tragedy to score political points. One individual stated, “For a person to come in there and start that crap. I have no respect for Beto. And the haters that hate him, send me the emails and the texts – to hell with you too. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, Independent. We’re American people. We’re trying to come together as a community and to do what you did today…” Take a look. 

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Another resident added, “Yeah it’s bull—-, man. People are grieving, trying to process their loss and Beto is running around doing this stuff. It’s bull—-, save it for later.”

A reporter for Fox News’, Lawrence Jones, admitted that it was a Democrat area. “And just to put it into context, this is a Democrat area. A lot of them are Democrats. This is not even about politics. This is about their loved ones. … He took this tragedy and made it about him.” He noted that Mayor Don McLaughlin requested no politics. “He told the politicians that were on the stage, ‘This is my town.’ He had made himself very clear to everyone in the room as well as the press that he didn’t want any of that. And so Beto O’Rourke to come to this town and bring his politics, it was so shady, it was so sad, and I think a lot of the families that are grieving just didn’t think much of him after that.”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on May 26, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Beto is doing actions to help Dems LOSE votes OK TX

Timothy Toroian
Timothy Toroian
1 month ago

If people start voting for anti-gun politicians just because they are anti-gun they will be sorrier than they for voting for this jackass in the White House. And people worried Trump would get us into a war, Bumble Mouth is working on 2.
Beto is making Alfred E. look intelligent and is on the Hoody Doody level though. You’d think he’d do something about that Alfred E. smile. I’m old so for you younger people, Alfred E. is Alfred E. Newman from Mad magazine which was some of the best satire ever compiled, especially on a monthly basis.

1 month ago

Greg Gutfeld had it right. This is an unemployed politician who has made a career of running for office & losing, and yet still believes that he has something important to offer us. Well, when you marry a rich woman, that means that you don’t have to get a real job, work & earn a living. Instead, you can indulge your fantasies with no real consequences. With this Bozo, it’s “Look at me, look at me, me, me, me, me, it’s all about me!” But, what else do you expect from a clueless type who thinks that a lot of people really want to watch his dental exam?

1 month ago

The fact that Robert Francis O’Rourke, of solid Irish heritage without a hint of Hispanic, tries to claim the nickname of Beto says all you need to know about that fake. He is a kindred soul to Lying Lizzie the fake Native American from Massachusetts. Both are extreme left-wing Loons who are all about do as we say and not as we do as they both enjoy wealth they really didn’t earn and are part of the 1/10 of 1% of the rich elites. How can you be a billionaire or multi-millionaire and preach socialism? Because you know you’ll keep yours and the downsides of your policies will never touch you; if they really believed they would have given away theirs to help the needy, but they don’t.