That the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is at war with individual liberty and human decency is no secret. That many in the American government, media, entertainment, academia, and on Wall Street have been complicit either tacitly or overtly with them, is also no secret.

That the Biden family has been in business with and is now likely leveraged by the CCP has been a secret, but that seems to be changing. But we’ll keep that critical aspect of the broader story for another day.

For today, Americans need to know what else the CCP has been up to. Not only in China, where authorities are ethnic cleansing the Muslim Uyghur population and brutalizing the people of Shanghai with lockdowns, but also what the CCP is up to in the U.S., specifically, in upstate New York.

Yes, according to Petr Svab at The Epoch Times (ET), with the help of an “American national with close ties to China,” Beijing has been targeting a premier performing arts company headquartered in rural New York.

Svab wrote, “The target of the CCP’s operation is Shen Yun Performing Arts, the performing arts company celebrated for its world-class performances of classical Chinese dance and music. Why the group is targeted is clear from its slogan this year: ‘China Before Communism.’”

An ET investigation included reviewing “thousands of pages of documents, internal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) documents, and over a dozen interviews, uncovered a decade-and-a-half-long campaign by the CCP on U.S. soil.”

Steven Wang, one of Shen Yun’s principal dancers said after standing on stages at premier American venues “to roaring applause,” he finds out, “back here at our home [New York],” he’s being “spied on, harassed…” and must deal with the Chinese government “spreading egregious lies about us….” Wang says it’s “scary” because they’re doing it in the U.S., at Shen Yun’s campus at Dragon Springs, in Deerpark, N.Y.

Svab writes one reason the CCP is targeting the group is for the members’ participation in the “ancient Chinese spiritual practice” known as Falun Gong. The practice consists of “slow-moving exercises and spiritual self-improvement based on truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.” These are all virtues embraced by Chinese people but repugnant to the Chinese Communist Party.

Many Shen Yun artists report having been persecuted in China for practicing Falun Gong. “Human rights advocates have estimated that millions of Falun Gong followers have faced unjust arrest, kidnapping, torture, and death at the regime’s hands.”

Wang knows this only too well. He said the CCP threw Wang’s father into prison “for practicing Falun Gong…” where he was “tortured to the brink of death….” Tragically, soon after authorities released him from prison, Wang said his father died.

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To say the CCP doesn’t like Shen Yun is a dramatic understatement. An expert on communism penetrating the West, Trevor Loudon, says the Chinese government views the performance group “as very dangerous….”

The CCP abhors the group’s depiction of “traditional Chinese culture….” The CCP prefers Chinese culture under communism, referred to as “socialist.” A distinction without a difference in the modern People’s Republic of China, but the word still sells better.

The reported actions of the CCP against Shen Yun in the U.S. are more than disturbing. Among other alleged Chinese government actions, Shen Yun reports theaters have received threatening letters from Chinese embassies and consulates warning them not to antagonize the CCP. They’ve reportedly warned public officials not to attend performances.

Svab writes about an incident in 2009 where a tire blew out on a bus carrying Shen Yun performers from Arizona to California. They reported a mechanic later told them the tire had “unusual marks on it.” He explained someone had drilled a hole halfway into the tire’s rubber, so it would “burst once on the road.”

The group also reported other bus tires similarly sabotaged but with blade slashes in the rubber. They say a few months after the 2009 incident, another bus blew out a tire traveling to Little Rock from Memphis. Two days later, they said someone slashed a tire on the same bus.

Shen Yun also discovered that a saboteur had poured “corrosive chemicals” on a company van’s gas and brake pedal cables. These incidents forced the group to arrange around-the-clock security for its vehicles.

The ET says the CCP treats Shen Yun’s Deerpark, New York training facilities as the “headquarters” for “Falun Gong followers to counter the persecution in China.”

“‘Attack the overseas Falun Gong headquarters and bases systematically and strategically,’ reads one CCP directive document obtained by The Epoch Times.”

Shen Yun reports repeated crimes of “harassment, trespassing, and vandalism,” including cutting a person-sized hole in the perimeter fence and destroying security cameras. One employee reported someone has scattered “nails and even [found] dead animals thrown in the driveway of his home near the campus.”

In one particularly disturbing incident, which occurred this year, they report Chinese consulate staff, in a vehicle with diplomatic plates, snuck onto their campus, “and scurried away when discovered by staff.”

Other staff “started to notice a new and troublesome form of surveillance-drones. They say the drones, which fly low and fast, are fitted with cameras sophisticated enough to record still and video images of individuals that can be used for identification.

Purportedly, the CCP believes in “unrestricted warfare and hybrid warfare….” They’ll “use American groups [and individuals], environmental laws, or local ordinances as tools to achieve its goals….”

BlackOps Partners CEO and counterintelligence expert Casey Fleming agrees “such a move would be right out of the CCP’s playbook.” He says, “So yes, culture is absolutely critical for them to unwind our society for takeover.” He added, for the CCP, “control here is also control there [in China].”

For example, among others, an American living in China for 15 years, Alex Scilla, 39, drove to Deerpark from a second home in New Paltz, N.Y. specifically to object at a public hearing to a driveway expansion on Shen Yun’s campus. Why would someone who doesn’t live in Deerpark (lives in China) care about an organization’s driveway? Unless someone wants him to care about it–perhaps, pays him to.

Scilla would not respond to ET’s request for comments or to answer questions. ET reports Scilla’s lawyer instead sent a “threatening email.”

Svab mentions the FBI and State Department have taken “action against CCP agents for targeting members of religious and spiritual practitioners ‘including within the United States.’”

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not overwhelmed by Christopher Wray and Anthony Blinken’s efforts. As long as the Biden family’s connections to the CCP remain shrouded with help from government agencies, I’ll reserve judgment.