Who’s It Going To Be? Mike Huckabee Is “99.99%” Sure Dem 2024 Nominee Won’t Be Biden

"...the people of America aren’t eating the stuff. They know better.”

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During a recent appearance on Fox News, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee opined that the Democrat nominee for the White House come 2024 won’t be Joe Biden, despite him being the incumbent. While Huckabee didn’t suggest who that 2024 nominee would be, he was confident in claiming it wouldn’t be Biden.

Huckabee framed the conundrum of the Democratic party as being akin to a time a dog food company crafted what they thought was an infallible product that turned out to be a bust.

“There was a dog food company that was going to create the greatest dog food in the world,” he said. “And they assembled the best scientists to create the formula, they created the most amazing packaging, they had the most wonderful marketing and advertising campaign and the greatest sales force that had ever been considered – but the dog food was a complete disaster and flopped, and it just didn’t sell.

“And so, the president of the company was trying to figure out why, and he asked the question how come this isn’t working. Finally, one of the people in the room said, ‘Sir, the dogs won’t eat the dang stuff.’ That’s what’s happening to the democrat party, is the people of America aren’t eating the stuff. They know better.”

The Fox News host then asked Huckabee “how likely” it would be that Biden winds up not representing the Democratic Party come 2024, The former governor stated plainly that Biden will either likely just not run or won’t be the Democrat’s choice to be on the 2024 ticket.

“I would say it’s 99.99% that he will not be running, and if he does,” he said, “I don’t think he’ll be the nominee. I don’t think he can stand to go all the next three years. But even if he does, I don’t see things changing so dramatically. Because I don’t see Joe changing.

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“Joe is caught between the far-left of his party that he’s trying to appease and more moderate Democrats who have simply decided the party has left them, and they’re becoming at least Independents and in more cases than not, they’re becoming Republicans because they realize that inflation is outstripping their wages. They’re losing ground, not gaining it.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on January 24, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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3 months ago

Everyone knows—or should know, by now—that HILLARY CLINTON will be the Democrat nominee. She has her machine cranked and already at work to this end. The Dems learned how to rig an election and get away with it, while even coercing the Not-So-Supreme Court to ignore the obvious. They can now go forward to thwart any Republican challenger. The Deep State is solidifying even as the Party is destroying the country. Keep an eye on the “health front.” There is a far more virulent manmade virus to be released that will be 30-50 percent lethal. It will stagger the mind and force a majority of antivaxxers to scramble to be vaccinated. That is the plan. And HILLARY will be out front to foist the fake-but-dangerous elixir on the rest of the population. By 2025, nearly every single American will have immune-destroying poisons in their system and become part of a near-future genocide the likes the world has never seen.