Trump Drops Bomb About New Media Company – Could Be Up And Running By Early 2022

Lets hope the tech works right out of the gate

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Former President Donald Trump has just dropped a bomb about his new media company, revealing that it will likely be up and running by the first quarter of 2022.

Trump told Fox News that the Trump Media & Technology Group will “be in great shape” and “moving along very well” in early 2022.

“I’d like to say the first quarter of this year coming up,” Trump replied when he was asked about a timeline. “We think we’ll be in great shape, and you know, it’s moving along very well, and we think we’re going to be in great shape.”

Trump went on to explain that the purpose of the company is “getting our voice out.”

“It is going to be, very simply, a way of getting our voice out to a lot of people,” Trump explained. “And when we get our voice out, there are a lot of people that want to hear this voice, because they don’t hear it.”

Not stopping there, Trump proceeded to slam the media, saying that it “certainly is not a free press.”

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

“It’s very corrupt, and we have to be able to get our voice out and this will be a way of getting our voice out loud and clear,” Trump said. “I truly believe we have far more than 50% of the public of the people of this country—much more than 50%. This is a way of getting a strong word out from a lot of different people who should be heard.”

The Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) announced earlier this month that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) would resign from Congress at the end of 2021 to become the chief executive officer of the company.

“Devin’s been a fantastic leader,” Trump said, adding that the company’s main product is “under development right now.”

“He also understands big tech, and small tech, and he is very, very much involved in that, which is an ability in itself, and I think he’s going to do a fantastic job,” he continued.

Trump then said that he has gotten “rave reviews for having picked” Nunes to be the company’s CEO.

“He also loves our country and he wants to get another voice out there—obviously not just for the radical left, so this is a very big thing,” Trump said. “It is far more important than money. This is a very big thing that we’re doing.”

In this same interview, Trump said that law enforcement needs to have the support of the government in order to properly fight rising crime.

“We have to give the police and law enforcement their authority back,” Trump said. “We have to give them their strength back, so that they can stop—they can solve this problem very easily. If they stop it now, and if they stop it strongly as they can, they don’t want to lose their pension, they don’t want to, you know, have their families be destroyed.”

“We have to give back their authority and their strength to our Police Department as opposed to ‘defund the police.’ What you read about is defund the police. We can’t allow that to happen,” he concluded. “If we give them back their respect and their strength we will see that end very quickly.”

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Stephen Russell
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