For what is now the sixth time in not even a year, President Joe Biden has stood at the podium and told the famous Amtrak story that he some graciously loves. Although most people in attendance already know, it appears that President Biden’s age is getting to him as the details of his lovely tale are completely false. But although Biden has a team of handlers at his side, none of them have thought to inform the President on the truth about his past. 

Speaking in Kansas City, Missouri, President Biden said, “I remember one day as vice president, the government keeps fastidious records of how many miles you travel on government planes. And so there’s a big headline, ‘Biden travels,’ I forget what it was, ‘a million miles on Air Force Two’ and so on and so forth.” He continued, “And I was getting on the train to go home. I was going home to see my mom who was sick. And one of the conductors I’ve known for years walked up and grins, he said, ‘Joey baby,’ grabbed my cheek. Not a joke. And I thought that he was going to get shot. True story.”

Luckily, no action was taken as Biden added, “I said, ‘No, no, it’s OK. We’ve known each other.’ He says, ‘Joey. Big deal. A million miles’ — or whatever it was — ‘a million miles on Air Force Two. Come on, Joey, do you know how many miles you traveled on Amtrak?’ I said no.” He would then reveal, “36 years, 119 days a year back and forth, then as vice presidents we figure you’ve done X number of trips and that adds up to 1,200,000 miles on Amtrak.’”

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Making him Amtrak Joe, the President holds this story near and dear to his heart as again, he has mentioned it six times over the past year. But here is the problem, the conductor, Negri, retired from Amtrak in 1993. Looking at Biden’s history, he wasn’t vice president at the time. And what makes the details presented by Biden even more impossible is the fact that Negri would die in May of 2014.  

Still, with the crowd laughing and playing along, the oldest-ever President casually moved on to his constant promotion of the America of tomorrow through the signing of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which would drastically help Amtrak.  

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on December 9, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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