Have you noticed something recently? Some Hollywood liberals like Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, and Debra Messing are starting to stray outside of the ideological reservation.

Granted, Maher has been a common sense liberal for some time. But Silverman has recently torched Joy Reid on the DeSantis Florida Guard issue and Messing went after the left wing media narrative on Waukesha. Why is this happening and why will we see an acceleration of it in 2022? Two words: Joe Biden.

The smart set in Hollywood and those running for office this coming year do not want to be painted with his loser’s brush. Biden stands as a feeble, confused, and cowardly example of the efficacy of the modern left. And if there’s one thing Hollywood understands is box office. Joe Biden? Box office poison.

Whether they actually have begun thinking rather than feeling, whether they are just reacting to snakebit Biden, or whether the scales have finally fallen from their eyes, a liberal crackup is on the way.

Of course, there is always Kamala Harris lurking in the background. When some leftists trash Biden they can write it off as the just rewards they think due a white male. But what to do about a black woman who is more incompetent than Biden? Biden is old, probably really pilled up, and a hack of longstanding.

But Kamala hails from the liberal utopia of California, San Francisco no less. Yes, the state is an authoritarian hellhole with public sanitation standards reminiscent of the Middle Ages. However, that can be forgotten in the joyous frenzy over her race and gender. Weirdly enough, giving people advantages solely because of their race and gender used to be known back in the dark ages of the 1960s as racism and sexism. The Klan was all for it. Thank God we’re so much more enlightened now.

Though if you think Hollywood might be starting to crack, wait until you see next year’s crop of Democrat congressional candidates. They will virtually never even have heard of Joe Biden, such will be the aura of potential defeat around him.

They will run away from his record on Afghanistan, the border, inflation, crime, the supply chain, and anything else they can think of. They will sound like moderate Republicans. They will, of course, be lying.

If the White House is smart they will not make a fuss as Democrat congressional candidates ignore them or put distance between them. This may give them an increased minority in Congress. But egos in the West Wing are delicate things and not to be trifled with by mere House candidates or their incumbent colleagues. So expect some Democrat House candidates to pick a fight with Biden. It may be contrived or legitimate. Either way, with Hollywood abandoning a loser and his own party wanting him back in the basement, 2022 could turn out to be a lonely year for Joe Biden and a year the liberals stage a very public crackup.