House Vaccine Mandate Vote Faces Certain Biden Veto

It's a gotcha game.

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House and Senate Republicans know they do not have the numbers to overcome a Biden veto on vaccine mandates. So are they just engaging in theatrics? Nope. They want Democrats down on record on this so they can stick it to them in the fall. It worked in the Senate and they even got two Democrats, Manchin and Tester, to vote with them.

We’re betting the Republicans have survey research that says people are tired of the whole Covid regimen. From masks to vaccines, from social distancing to selective enforcement, America is over it but the Democrats aren’t. Why? It gives the Democrats a kick to take part in their favorite pastime, which is meddling in the lives of other people. It also affords their local, county, and state minions the same fun, while covering themselves in public health sanctimony. They like it so much they can’t see Americans are over it, because in Democrat social bubbles everyone runs around scared of everything including Covid. They have made cringing fear into a badge of social nobility for their ilk and fellow travelers.

Republicans are poised for the ambush, setting these traps and watching Democrats walk into them. If Pelosi is smart she will avoid the vote. But either way, the Democrats are pinning their fall political hopes on Chicken Little fantasies of doom and plague. Americans know better.

FNC: “A top Republican in the House of Representatives challenging a federal vaccine mandate says “all eyes are now on House Democrats” after the Senate passed a resolution to repeal the controversial order.

The congressman’s comments come just one day after the Senate passed a resolution to challenge an executive order that would require all companies with 100 employees or more to comply with federal vaccine or testing requirements. Keller, in coordination with Sen. Mike Braun, introduced a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act last month in an attempt to repeal the federal mandate.”

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“We’ve got all the Republicans in the House on it,” Rep. Fed Keller, R- Pa., told press Thursday. “And I’ve had very constructive conversations with colleagues on the other side of the aisle.

“It’s important for the American people to know that we trust them and respect them,” he added. “It’s their government, and we’re making sure that no executive thinks they have the power to rule over them…I would hope he would keep his commitment to the American people,” Keller said recalling Biden’s recent promise to reach across the aisle.

“Either he works for them (the American people) or he thinks he is able to rule over them,” Keller added. “This is not whether somebody should or should not be vaccinated. This is whether or not the government should tell somebody to be vaccinated.”

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