Fed Chair, Captain Obvious, Admits Inflation is Here to Stay

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is finally admitting what's been painfully obvious to the rest of us since the economy started tanking under democrat rule – that inflation is going to keep rising. 

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Fed Chair Jerome Powell is finally admitting what’s been painfully obvious to the rest of us since the economy started tanking under democrat rule – that inflation is going to keep rising. 

Although Powell only said it “may” keep rising next year during a hearing with Congress.


Even with his admission, Powell does his best to cover the butt of Biden and his democrat pals.

Inflation WILL rise and everyone knows it. There’s no “may” about it.

Once prices go up, they rarely go down again.

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

And their BS about inflation being transitory was just that – BS.

With democrat policies purposely driving inflation, high prices are here to stay for a long long time until we actually have a president who puts America first and isn’t compromised by China or The Squad.

The democrats have a war on businesses and fossil fuel and that ain’t gonna change anytime soon so hold onto your debit card.

Whether it’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate policies or shutting down our gas guzzling vehicles or paying off families with the child tax credits, the transformation the democrats are putting our country through is not good for any of us. 

And they don’t care.

They will continue to flood money into the market and continue to spend. 

After all, everything is “paid for,” right?

The goal is, as it always has been, to destroy capitalism and take over the economy in order to give the democrat party unlimited power and control over us.

So they’ll continue to scare people about the virus and impose their fascist policies on us every day. 

The new Omicron variant developed in the news at exactly the right time for Powell to blame it on the continuing inflation. And of course, it’s all our fault for buying too much stuff to begin with – not the incompetence of the democrat party.

There is no urgency to solve the supply chain crisis. No National Guard unloading ships or finding a secondary area to move the cargo around.

Nothing is transitory under democrats until we get rid of them and make them transitory.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on December 2, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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