Fact-checkers came to fruition about ten years ago as leftist internet trolls who spent their days in their PJs in their parents basements covering the rear ends of democrats. 

Their hobby and amateur websites soon led to a career when democrats and other media saw that they were a useful tool in helping their leftist propaganda spread easily.

These fact-checking frauds do what they can to defend democrat lies and discredit actual truthful stories that make democrats look bad.

It’s an easy job if you can get it. Fiction writing always is.

And as a way to silence conservatives, Facebook decided to use these misinformation trolls as their judges of truth, using their nonsense to label certain people’s post as false and suppress their reach. 

The Facebook Meta website says “each time a fact-checker rates a piece of content as false on our platform, we significantly reduce that content’s distribution so that fewer people see it, label it accordingly and notify people who try to share it.”

Of course they do.

Conservatives have known all along that it was never about truth. It was about censorship. It was about leftists censoring what they don’t like, both people and ideas.

A recent lawsuit against Facebook (Meta) has proved what we have known all along – that Facebook’s fact-checking is a fraud.

The lawsuit is John Stossel vs. Facebook (Meta).

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Stossel sued them for defamation after they labeled one of his videos as “misleading” using their fact-checking friends Science Feedback and dinged him on a second video as well, tanking his viewership after first receiving 24 million views.

Stossel is a libertarian author, journalist and TV guy who posts way too many things about climate change that the leftists don’t like it so they have to censor and discredit him.

They do it to the rest of us about climate change, COVID-19 and anything else we have a difference of opinion about.

However, when the sh*t hits the fan and FB Meta has to save their butts from paying Stossel a bunch of money in a lawsuit, FB Meta admits that the fact-check was an “opinion” not an actual check of facts or declaration of facts. 

They actually called what’s going on with their “fact-checkers” as protected opinion – unlike anything the rest of us post on Facebook. None of our opinions are protected.

So FB Meta has this big media blitz and they tell everyone that they are fact-checking posts for accuracy but what they are really doing is relying on their leftist co-conspirators to label their political enemy’s posts as misinformation so that they can censor them. And it’s not their fault of course. Someone else did it.

Because the courtroom is still a place where you actually have to tell the truth – and you have to present facts and a defense and are under oath, that is where you can often find out that democrats are frauds.

But even now, after their admission, the FB Meta website still says “The focus of this fact-checking program is identifying and addressing viral misinformation, particularly clear hoaxes that have no basis in fact.”



Facebook Meta is definitely the one who is a hoax.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on December 15, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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