AOC Wants You To Pay For Her Student Loan Debt

Not on your life.

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The Squad is whining because Joe Biden got over on the Left on student loan debt. When running for office he said he’d cancel it. Well, think again. Good for Biden on this and it is amusing to think of the greedy ire of AOC and her band of airhead Marxists. Greg Gutfeld brings us up to speed.

Gutfeld: So, did you hear? “The Squad” demanded something. Let’s hope it’s four one-way tickets to Cuba. Really – why do they keep demanding so much from America when they could get everything they want from a commie paradise 90 miles south?

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What whiners – terrorists don’t make this many demands when they kidnap someone. They work for us, not the reverse. But now they’re lashing out at Biden after he said the White House has no plans to extend the pause on federal student loan repayments. Gee, I wonder if AOC has over 17 thousand dollars in student loan debt.

AOC: I have over 17,000 dollars in student loan debt. // we have a moral obligation, an economic obligation, a political obligation to cancel student loan debt. Did you get that? We are morally obligated to pay off this idiot’s debt. Sorry lady, if the members of “The Squad” were morally obligated, then one of them couldn’t marry her brother.

So she’s talking about her college education debt where she majored in dumb with a minor in ignorance. And it’s a debt that she agreed to pay, but now she wants you to cover the tab.

But I’ll play: If I pay your debt, then you pay my mortgage, how’s that for a trade, numbnuts? Why do you get a special carve-out, and not me? You actually have more power than I do. You got the privilege, and now you want the perks. How about returning that dress you wore to the gala? There’s $20k right there. So, we do not owe you a single penny.

I only wish there was someone around who’s even dumber than her. Rashida Tlaib: I worked full-time Monday through Friday and took weekend classes to get my law degree. And still close to 200,000 in debt.

Whose fault is that, you brimming cup of piping hot stupid? If she could work hard to get her degree, why can’t she work hard to pay for her degree? Write a book! Hell, even Jesse Watters can do that. And now you expect us to wipe that financial slate clean?! She makes 174-grand a year off taxpayers, and for her, it isn’t enough.

But it does raise a point: why do the dumbest people have the most degrees? As a matter of fact, the really smart ones don’t have any. Einstein quit high school, Bill Gates dropped out, so did James Woods and David Geffen. Both Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs left school without diplomas too. What does that tell ya?

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