Senator Scott Bashes CNN On Critical Race Theory

They had it coming.

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A CNN host tried to get over on Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida, claiming critical race theory is not taught in Virginia schools and thus was not an issue in the recent Republican victory there. Scott let her have it with both barrels, granted, by lathering her up with kindness.

FNC: “Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., clashed with CNN host Brianna Keilar Monday in a fiery exchange over whether or not critical race theory (CRT) was actually being taught in Virginia public schools.

During an appearance on ‘New Day,’ Scott refuted claims that CRT was not being taught in Virginia schools by pointing to specific examples of its promotion by officials within the state, as Keilar repeated the narrative by many Democrats and media pundits that the controversial subject was not part of the curriculum.

In 2019, a memo sent by a superintendent promoted CRT and the idea of ‘White fragility,’ while another endorsed ‘Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education’ as an important tool that can ‘further spur developments in education.’ It was also revealed that a Virginia school district spent over $30,000 on critical race theory training for administrators.”

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“I think what Democrats are going to continue to do is talk about Donald Trump. I think Republicans are going to continue to talk about issues. Glenn Youngkin won his race because he talked about issues and I think that’s what’s going to happen…Terry McAuliffe wanted to say, ‘Oh there was nothing about Critical Race Theory.’ We know it’s true. Parents know their kids are being indoctrinated with critical race theory in Virginia and Democrats wanted to deny it. And so the parents showed up because they don’t like being lied to,” Scott commented. In a truly Orwellian fashion, the CNN drone ignored what Scott said.

“Just to be clear, it’s not in the curriculum in Virginia,” the host said. “Brianna, here, let me just read you a few things. In 2015, while Terry McAuliffe was governor, the Virginia Department of Education promoting incorporating a critical race theory lens in education. You can still find it on the Department of Education’s website. Still there,” Scott retorted. “In February 2019, a superintendent memo to the Virginia Department of Education promoting critical race theory and the idea of White fragility. I looked at it yesterday. It’s still there, Brianna.” He pressed on.

“Brianna, wait a minute, let’s all agree. They were trying to indoctrinate kids, Terry McAuliffe denied it. It’s still on the website. This is happening, and I hope Democrats continue to say it’s not happening, because parents aren’t dumb. They can see it…I think parents are smart. My parents didn’t have much of a formal education, but they cared about what I learned. Parents are smart. They know that the Virginia Department of Education promoted critical race theory and Terry McAuliffe said they didn’t,” he added. “I hope Democrats keep doing that all across the country.” Exactly, and we’ll keep rolling up victories.

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