Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. We all know it. He acted in self defense. Now the incompetence of the ADA and Rittenhouse’s own powerful testimony will add to the weight of his defense. The jurors know a political prosecution when they see one and are likely to side with a young man who was only defending himself from a bloodthirsty and crazed leftist mob.

If he wins the case watch for the Biden administration to try and prosecute him on a federal civil rights charge. That will only make him a further rock star to anyone who has a shred of common sense. Tucker Carlson makes a good case for the defense.

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Carlson: The Kyle Rittenhouse trial continued today in Wisconsin. In a move that surprised lawyers everywhere, Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense. That is unusual in criminal cases, and it’s especially unusual in murder trials. And the reason is simple: the stakes are too high. One wrong answer in a cross-examination, and you could wind up spending life in prison.

But this case was different. By the time he testified today, Kyle Rittenhouse had already won the case. At this point, there was no remaining doubt that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense during the riots last summer in Kenosha. Every shot Rittenhouse fired was captured on videotape, and from multiple angles. Every single witness who testified this week at the trial confirmed exactly what happened. And here are the facts of it.

A convicted child rapist called Joseph Rosenbaum was released from a mental hospital, then went directly to join the mob that was burning downtown Kenosha. Once he got to the riot, Rosenbaum saw Kyle Rittenhouse and immediately threatened to kill him. Rosenbaum then chased Rittenhouse and tried to pull the gun from his hands. When he did that, Kyle Rittenhouse shot him.

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So Joseph Rosenbaum died as he had lived, trying to touch an unwilling minor. At this point, Rittenhouse ran to find police. A mob then chased him down the street, howling for his death. A rioter jumped on Rittenhouse and knocked him to the ground, another smashed him in the face with a skateboard. Yet another drew a loaded gun and pointed it in his face. Kyle Rittenhouse shot the second two men, one of them fatally.

So those are the facts, and there’s no way to interpret them, except for what they are. The exercise of self-defense. Kyle Rittenhouse shot people so he would not be killed.

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But if you take a step back from the Rittenhouse story, you see something else entirely, you see violent insanity completely out of control in the middle of an American city. And the question is how did that happen in our country and why did nobody stop it?