When you heard about the Rittenhouse verdict, if you’re old enough, didn’t it feel a little like the Miracle On Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics? It felt like the good guys won in an upset victory. For some of us that hockey game set the stage for the rest of 1980 that included the election to the White House of Ronald Reagan and the beginning of the American renaissance.

It’s starting to feel like that now. Like the good guys are in for a very good year and an even better 2024, as another popular governor of a sunbelt state drives the Left out of the White House. What are the omens that add up to a great 2022? There are several.

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1) Polling- Usually there is one poll somewhere a politician can bend to his will. But Biden is underwater in every recent survey. Sure, they could be pulling their punches so in September he is labeled a comeback kid. But the impression of incompetence is too deep, the image of physical and mental breakdown too wide to call it back now. His numbers will stay low and he will remain an anvil on the necks of sinking Democrats.

2) Recent elections- Want to know the best poll at any time? The most recent election. Elections are harbingers. They are canaries in coal mines. Once they go south it probably is going to get worse before it gets better. That’s where the Democrats are at the present time. Virginia, New Jersey, Minneapolis. Seattle, South Carolina, were all victories save Jersey. And that was a close run thing. If, as in Columbia, South Carolina, Republicans can take a city hall in a district that Biden won last year by 40 points, then almost anything is possible for the GOP in 2022.

3) History- Yeah, I harp on it because it’s the key to understanding all in politics, government, and public affairs. The Democrats know what they’re facing. In 1994, 2010, and 2018 the party in the White House lost control of Congress in their first midterms. And the margins of party numbers were much wider in those years. With the slight majority of the Democrats in both chambers of Congress, all it will take is a mere puff of wind to knock them out of control. And the wind coming isn’t a puff. It’s a red storm rising. By the way, you heard that Clancy comparison here first.

4) Democrat morale- It’s low. After decades in politics, and now writing about it, I’ve made a number of friends on the other side of the aisle. They tend to get my sense of humor, when it’s not aimed at them, better than my fellow Republicans and allied conservatives. To a man and chick, the Democrats I’ve talked to since September have been gloomy. Resumes at the ready, they are prepping for a jolly good pranging.

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They put up a brave front in public. But drink with them at a DC watering hole and the gin gets them talking. They do not paint a pretty picture for themselves. However, what is ugly to them will be positively radiant for the country.