Fauci Slips Up, Makes An Odd Admission About ‘New COVID’ Live On CNN [VIDEO]

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Big Media and COVID fear porn frontman Tony Fauci are at it again.

With more and more people waking up to their narrative based on an agenda, falsified data, and fake science, they need something new to try and instill fear into the people in order to exert even more control over them.

Pay close attention to what Fauci says regarding the molecular makeup of this alleged new strain and the testing for it at around the 1:45 mark in the video below.

Brianna Keilar: Thank you so much for being with us this morning. This is obviously a very significant day as we try to look at what the risk factors here are here with this variant. What can you tell us about this?

Tony Fauci: Well, certainly there is a new variant that is now in South Africa in the in the Gauteng province that has some mutations that are raising some concern, particularly with regard to possibly transmissibility increase and possibly evasion of immune response. We don’t know that for sure right now. This is really something that’s in motion. And we just arranged right now, a discussion between our scientists and the South African scientists a little bit later in the morning, to really get the facts because you’re hearing a lot of things back and forth. We want to find out scientists to scientists exactly what is going on. But it’s something that is emerged in South Africa and seems to be spreading at a reasonably rapid rate in the sense of when they do test positivity, they’re seeing that’s a bit more widespread in South Africa than was originally felt a couple of days ago. So it’s in a fluid motion, we’re finding more about it. And literally, it’s something that in real-time, we’re learning more and more about.

Brianna Keilar: Is it possible, it’s already in the US?

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

Tony Fauci: You know, of course, anything is possible. We don’t know that. There’s no indication that it is right now. It seems to have been restricted. There was some cases that originated in South Africa, and that went to Botswana, and people who traveled and found out they were infected, and one that had gone actually to Hong Kong. So there’s a lot of travel, you never know exactly where and that’s the reason why we’re getting together to them to try and get the precise molecular makeup of it. So you could actually test for it. And that’s something that will take a little bit to put the appropriate materials together to do that. But we are in very active communication with our South African colleague scientists.

There are several things that stood out to me in this clip.

  1. Fauci referred to South Africa and got no pushback from Bianna Keilar. As you probably remember, Trump and anyone else who referred to COVID19 as a Chinese virus was deemed as racist. I guess only people on the Right can be racist for using geography to describe a virus?
  2. Fauci admitted they don’t know the precise molecular makeup of ‘New COVID’ and its ‘More than 30 mutations and they can’t actually test for it.

As far as to point number 1, that is just further evidence of Big Media’s double standards, hypocrisy, and fake outrage.

Point number 2 is far more interesting and raises questions.

If they don’t know ‘New COVID’s’ makeup and can’t actually test for it…

  1. How do they know it exists?
  2. How did they find more than 30 mutations?
  3. With their narrative of jabs being ‘safe and effective’ completely crumbling, jab mandates for kids, and booster mandates also coming into play, isn’t the timing of this at least a little suspicious?

Do your own independent research. Connect the dots.

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on November 26, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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