Dave Chappelle Challenges Critics Who Want His Named Removed From His Alma Mater

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Being the recent target of the transgender community and the liberal woke, comedian Dave Chappelle doesn’t appear to be backing down as some call for his controversial and hilarious special “The Closer” to be taken down. While the seasoned comedian isn’t new to controversy, it seems that his alma mater is also taking heat for naming a theater after him. 

The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where Chappelle went to school, decided to honor the comedian and name a theater after him. Not surprisingly, this move angered the transgender community who have sought to silence Chappelle. But instead of playing into their hand, Chappelle decided to start a fundraiser for the school and challenge his critics. 

In an Instagram post, Chappelle wrote, “If you object to my receiving this honor, I urge you to donate to the school, noting your objection. If you are in favor of the theater being named ‘Chappelle,’ I urge you to donate to the school, noting your approval.” Chappelle added that if the goal was met, he would “gladly step aside.”


Laying out the rules, Chappelle posted, “Whichever opinion donates the highest collective dollar amount, wins,” he said. “If by April, those against the ‘Chappelle’ theater exceed the donations of those who are neutral or in favor of the theater being named ‘Chappelle,’ I will gladly step aside. If not, I will happily attend the naming ceremony.”

But there was one stipulation, “And if you don’t care enough to donate… please, shut the fuck up, forever.” 

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Not giving the critics all the glory, Chappelle was sure to mention what his alma mater means to him, “The Duke Ellington school is a glorious institution. Within those walls I found a context to explore my creativity seriously. Duke Ellington, in large part, prepared me to undertake this noble and difficult profession. It was a fine institution before any of its current occupants got there. God willing, it will be a fine institution long after their tenure is done. My only intent is to insure Duke Ellington the opportunity to train its artists, unfettered.”

Over the years, Chappelle has not only been an advocate of the school but has also donated $100,000. Not to mention, he even gave them one of his Emmy awards in 2017. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 29, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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